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October 24, 2023 5 min read

Are you enchanted by the witchcore aesthetic? Want to bring earthy, eerie, and magical vibes into your home? Whether for the spooky season or year-round, it's easy to incorporate witchy home decor into your haven.

Furthermore, mystical, whimsical, and nature-driven aesthetics have become very popular in 2023, so by embracing these trends, you'll remain current while still fulfilling your witchy needs.  

Discover the best witchy home furnishings you can bring into your lair and other stylish ideas to try this Halloween.

What is Witchy Home Decor?

witchy home decor

Witchy home decor, often referred to as "witchy decor" or "witchcraft decor," is a style of interior design that draws inspiration from various elements of witchcraft, mysticism, nature, and the supernatural.

This interior design trend is a way to infuse a sense of magic into your home. Think mushrooms, crystals, dark tones, decadent materials of lush velvet or floral patterns, and natural elements like wood.  

Rustic-looking and reclaimed wood furniture is a must. These pieces are chic and can work with any theme; however, natural wood blends superbly with witchy decor, creating autumnal and cottagecore vibes fitting for the season.

Purchase a Reclaimed Dining Table

purchase a reclaimed dining table witchy home decor

reclaimed dining table is always elegant and rich in history, bringing character and traditional taste to a space. 

Furthermore, reclaimed furniture is eco-friendly and sustainable; what once may have been part of a barn or train sleeper has been transformed into a functional and attractive piece for your home. 

Imagine dining at your reclaimed table surrounded by pumpkins, fake cobwebs, and candles while watching the leaves fall outside – since you’ve reduced your carbon footprint you’ll feel more aligned with nature. 

Also, decorating a wooden table with a cloth or Halloween centrepiece is easy, but this isn't necessary. Our reclaimed tables are durable so they can withstand little fingers, and their aesthetics alone speak for itself!

Display Dark Wood Bookshelves

display dark wood bookshelves

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to put your spellbooks, making a bookcase an essential piece of furniture.

Pick a dark-coloured bookcase to stay in keeping with the witchy theme. Also, stick with wood.

reclaimed bookcase will complement your sustainable dining table and enable you to display other items as well as books, such as plants, crystals, jars of herbs, precious knick-knacks, and whatever else speaks to your witchy heart.

Display Indoor Lighting

display indoor lighting for witchy home decor

It’s important to get your indoor lighting right to capture the essence of Halloween. 

Turn off your main lights and incorporate lamps of different heights, i.e. floor lamps and table lamps, to throw varying levels of light in your home.

An aged copper table lamp is perfect for a stylish, gothic-inspired space, creating pools of ambient light to emphasise your boho, witchy home decor.

Whether it's the darker months or not, a cosy corner or two in your home is always a must and is only complete if you have some great lamps!

Consider Your Colour Scheme

witchy home decor colour scheme

Dark colours, such as warm red, orange, forest green, and woody brown, all work within a home to create earthy vibes, particularly during Halloween.

However, to bring a sense of the supernatural into your lair, play with dark blues, deep purples, and, of course, black. 

Think indigo-painted walls, black picture frames, terracotta-coloured throws, and purple rugs. 

Also, incorporate touches of silver and copper to make your space look more magical. 

Silver tableware, copper jugs, or even shimmering glitter cushions are a nod to the bright stars at night, especially against a dark backdrop illuminated by the various lamps you add.

Spooky Centrepieces

spooky centrepieces for witchy home decor

As mentioned, you can easily decorate your reclaimed table to suit any time of year.

In autumn, when approaching the dark nights of Halloween, dress your table with a black cloth – add black or white lace if you’re feeling extra decadent!

Make a centrepiece from your foraged items. Display some carved pumpkins. Alternatively, incorporate faux pumpkins, ones made of glass or velvet. Bring in some little ceramic ghosts. Finish your table off with some dried flowers. 

Haunted Garden Vibe

outdoor table halloween decor

Don’t allow your witchy decor to stop at the door. In fact, if you have a garden, this provides even more opportunity to create mystical vibes and really let your magical powers with design shine!

So, what are some outdoor Halloween home decor ideas?

An autumnal wreath on your door is always a good start.

Halloween garden decor should also include twinkly lights, a water feature or two, faux mushrooms, garden ornaments, such as gnomes and fairies, and, of course, more pumpkins!

Consider hanging wind chimes in the trees to create an eerie and ethereal sound.

You will need appropriate outdoor garden furniture to enable you to enjoy your magical garden, and, for the colder and darker nights, an outdoor fire pit will bring some warmth. Additionally, the smell and sound of the fire will enrich your senses while the flames throw flickering, mysterious light.

Top Witchy Furniture Collections

Below are some of our favourite furniture collections that can complement a home, no matter the style or time of year; however, we think these pieces work particularly well for a witchy-inspired home.

Westchester Collection

westchester table halloween furniture

Our Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table could be straight from an enchanted forest; this round, reclaimed timber table will bring instant charm to your space.

Consider a sideboard, an aesthetically pleasing and functional piece of furniture perfect for a witchy home. Our Reclaimed Wood Sideboard will complement your reclaimed coffee table and provide further space for you to display trinkets, tableware, and even your bottles of potions!

Bespoke Collection

bespoke dining table for halloween

Our Triangle Frame Dining Table is perfect when inviting guests over; with its beautiful grains and knots, it is sure to be a unique talking point.

A wooden bench is a good choice for your dining room, its rusticness bringing to mind the outdoors and nature while providing enough space for your guests. Additionally, reclaimed benches are a sustainable choice.

Williamsburg Collection

halloween display cabinet williamsburg collection

Our Reclaimed Display Cabinet is stunning and a must-have to store glassware, tableware, books, and more. During the spooky season, you can use it to display faux pumpkins and mushrooms and decorate it with fairy lights!

Lastly, with its natural texture and dark tones, our Narrow Reclaimed Sideboard, will suit any other reclaimed pieces of furniture you have. Each knot, crack, hole, and scuff has character and tells a unique story.

Now that you have some Halloween home decor ideas, get decorating! 

Remember to play with dark, earthy colours and natural materials like wood, aiming to be as close to nature as possible. For more of a mystical twist, incorporate different levels of light, shimmery elements, faux mushrooms, and crystals. 

Discover other pieces of autumn-inspired furniture you can bring into your witchy haven!

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