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The H&W Guide to Styling Sustainably

Ever wondered why more and more brands are choosing to talk about sustainability? Making ethical choices for sake of our environment is becoming a high priority for us all. Shopping sustainably is the ability to make your next purchase, safe in the knowledge that you’re buying ethical, energy efficient, purposeful products. Here at Hemming & Wills, we’re doing all we can to be part of the solution. Our guide takes you through all kinds of homeware and lifestyle choices you can make to live sustainably. Read through our eco-friendly style secrets all in one place.

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How Can I Make A Difference?


Learn how to reduce your energy rating without compromising on design.


Bathrooms are rife with single-use plastics. Find out how to pick the best of the ethical bunch.

Smart home technology

Renewable tariffs, zero carbon emissions and UK-based generators are a great place to start.

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The H&W Guide to Working from Home

Working from home is the new reality for many of us. And whilst setting up your desk in amongst the hustle and bustle of your home might not always go hand in hand with productive days, there are many simple tips and tricks to transform your space. We’ve put together our latest e-book on how to effectively boost your productivity. From setting boundaries, to making the most of your space, our guide will help you find the best solution for you.

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How Can I Power Up My Productivity?

Remove distractions

Phones, kids and partners can wreak havoc on your working day. Learn how to avoid distractions in the simplest way.

Make space

Your home doesn’t have to look like a Pinterest board, but it should be conducive to good work.

Get into a routine

Find out how to maximise on your routine by adjusting your day with simple habits.

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