To help our customers create Happiness at Home.


Unique, quality, yet affordable contemporary home products.


Ethical and sustainable product choices.


A truly great customer experience.

Our mission and our passion is to proudly bring you, our customers, unique, quality, yet affordable contemporary and mid-century design focused home products direct to your door, combined with sharing contemporary home inspiration which we’ve become known for on Instagram.

All inspired by British home fashion and design trends combined with global influences.

Together with providing ethical and sustainable product choices to help us all do our bit to reduce the use of single use plastics and take advantage of recycled materials.

Always striving to ensure you have a truly great customer experience along the way – and if for any reason we fall short (we’re human too!), we’ll do everything we can to put it right.

Our purpose is to break from the mould, from the rat-race, from the everyday – we know not everyone wants the place they call home to look like the retail park showroom of a famous big blue and yellow home brand!

Everyone and their lifestyle is unique and our mission is to help you express that.

We aim to create Happiness at Home for all of our customers through quality products and great, friendly honest service.

Not everyone wants to be just ‘another customer’ of other larger online home brands - we shout about our journey, authenticity and how we’re truly independent where each customer is really valued.

We place real value on loyalty and offer loyalty incentives for returning customers. We also place real value on an inclusive, honest and fair team culture and partner/supplier relationships – happiness should be shared by everyone connected to H&W.

We also know we can help make a conscious and positive impact to the lives of those who are less able or fortunate, through working with local and national charitable partners to make a real difference.

Our Vision

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