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Our approach to sustainability spreads right across Hemming & Wills. There is no planet B! So we are doing whatever we can, wherever we can to reduce our impact on the environment and we also want to help our customers do their bit.

Here’s what we’re doing right now:

  • We direct dispatch from our suppliers wherever possible to reduce unnecessary mileage and re-packaging. So this means we don’t have full control over what packaging is used and some of our products are delivered in supplier packaging which may not be the prettiest, but it will do its job to protect your order during delivery. We think this is a fair compromise, for now.

  • Products we dispatch ourselves are packaged using sustainable materials in almost all circumstances, so this means recycled and recyclable cardboard and paper internal packaging together with paper (not plastic) packaging tape. Sometimes we will re-use boxes from suppliers so whilst it might not look the prettiest, it’s good for the planet! Sometimes we need to use plastic or foam packaging where this is currently the best option to protect your order and minimise weight/size – for example, our cushion pads are vacuum packed to save on space. We only do this where necessary.
  • We have incorporated sustainable options into our furniture ranges so customers have the option to buy sustainably if they wish to. Please see our reclaimed furniture range for great contemporary, design-led yet sustainably made products.

It doesn’t stop here though! Going forward, we’ll be continually working to introduce more sustainable product options, together with working with our suppliers to improve their supply chains and delivery packaging to reduce their environmental footprint.

We answer more questions around our sustainability approach here and if you’re interested to read more, we’ve some handy info in the H&W Journal.