Please check these FAQs for answers to the most common questions. It’ll hopefully save you an email or phone call!

Coronavirus Information

H&W Coronavirus Information

Last updated January 2021

The health and safety of everyone connected to H&W is our priority and of paramount importance. We wish everyone well at this challenging time and our thoughts are with anyone impacted.

We are following government advice very closely and, as an online business, it's currently business as usual during the national and regional lockdowns. We are able to continue to operate and continue with socially distanced deliveries including assembly for our reclaimed furniture if that option is chosen when placing your order. Other deliveries are likely to be a contactless, door step service - our delivery partners will provide further information when deliveries are scheduled.

We are therefore continuing to operate online, whilst making some important changes to help ensure the safety of both our customers and team:

We are now working remotely albeit fully connected to ensure business as usual - we're still here for you when you need us.

We and our partner workshops, suppliers and delivery partners have stepped up sanitisation procedures and are following social distancing guidance for safe, contactless deliveries.

For our Reclaimed Range, we have implemented additional, contactless delivery procedures to avoid unnecessary social contact. Please check the delivery information on the product pages for information and we will provide further guidance when we get in touch to schedule deliveries.

Our reclaimed furniture is handmade to order to a high quality so there is a lead time. Due to high demand, we have increased manufacturing capacity in order to keep lead times for new orders as short as possible. Please see the product and delivery pages for latest lead times.

We're working as quickly as possible to deliver orders up and down the country, helping to support home working, whilst adhering to stricter operating and delivering procedures.

There may be some delays delivering some items whilst these procedures are in place. Please check product pages and delivery information during checkout for current delivery timescales.

Please stay safe and please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries.

Best wishes,



How we're saying a BIG thank you to key workers

We couldn't be more grateful and proud of our hard-working key workers, being absolutely selfless at this challenging time for the country.

So we want to take a moment to thank the whole of the NHS and all key workers from emergency service workers, the armed forces, to carers and teachers. This list is endless!

We're in awe of your dedication and resolve to help stop this awful virus in its tracks, supporting those impacted together with helping to keep the country running!

To give something back, we're offering 20% discount off a great collection of home furnishings for 3 months! When you're able to we want to help you put your feet up and relax on some of our lovely chairs, foot stools and more.

The Key Worker range is an exclusive collection of great products - unfortunately at this time, our reclaimed furniture collection isn't included as this is a separate range.

We're relaunching this scheme and will have more information available soon.

Delivery & Packaging

Please check our Delivery & Packaging page which contains all the details for all things delivery.

Please also check the product page of the item you ordered for additional, product specific, delivery information.

When your place an order with us you will receive both an initial order confirmation email and/or an SMS.

Once your items have been dispatched, you will either receive a further email/SMS with tracking information for your order – if you ordered multiple items these may be dispatched separately and you will receive tracking information in separate emails/SMS.

Alternatively, for some furniture items you will be contacted directly by email and/or phone by our delivery partners who will provide further delivery information directly to you.

If you have ordered multiple items of different types, they may be dispatched via different delivery partners at different times. This is all to help with delivery times and to cut out unnecessary packaging and mileage.

If this is the case, you will receive different delivery information to help you track the different items in your order.

For smaller items, you will be left a calling card by our delivery partners. This will contain the necessary details for you to contact them to arrange re-delivery. Please arrange re-delivery as soon as possible and always within 7 days to avoid your order being returned, after which additional delivery charges will apply.

For larger furniture items, where a specific delivery service and day/time has been arranged, delivery will need to re-arranged for which there may be an additional fee. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Please check our Delivery & Packaging page which contains all the details about how we package products.

Please check our Delivery & Packaging page which contains all the details about assembly.

If you need to add specific delivery instructions to your order, please add these during checkout in the delivery notes section.

If you have a new property which isn’t yet recognised by GPS devices, to help ensure a smooth delivery experience, please include specific instructions such as directions and be sure to include a contact number.


For many of our products, we offer different sizes or colours. Sometimes we are waiting on more stock of a particular size or colour whilst others are still in stock, so they are immediately available for delivery.

Once an order has been placed, if it has been dispatched we will be unable to cancel or amend your order. Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel or amend your order and we will advise of an order’s delivery status.

Orders that have been dispatched can be returned within 14 days for a refund or exchange, once delivered.    

Returns & Refunds

Please check our Returns & Refunds page for all the relevant information.

Customer Service

You can contact us by email or on the phone. Email is usually the speediest way to reach us. We’re available between 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Please check our Contact Us page for all the details of how to contact us.

Reclaimed Furniture Information, Use & Aftercare

General information

Part of the beauty of reclaimed wood furniture is its lived-in look. In its former life – which could be anything from flooring to coal carriage sides – reclaimed wood will inevitably have picked up a few knocks and bumps along the way but we believe it all adds to a unique character that can only be acquired with time.

As reclaimed wood is a natural, living material, the appearance of the wood and exact colour/finish may vary from the photos shown.

Part of its charm is that it develops over time. This means that surface splits/spreading may start to appear with the natural movement of the wood when it adjusts to a new environment. Knots will vary in size and location, each piece of furniture may have varying indentations and imperfections including different grains, holes and indentations. Colour variations can also be expected due to different batches of natural reclaimed wood. These distinctive qualities give the reclaimed range a unique feel, as no two pieces will be exactly the same.

For further information about the wood, colours and finishes, please see here and also the ITS STORY, THE FINISHES and THE FINER DETAILS sections on the product pages.

Acclimatising your indoor furniture upon delivery

A key tip is to ensure your new indoor furniture is given time to acclimatise and not placed in direct sunlight or next to a hot radiator. If the furniture is near a radiator, it’s advisable to keep this on low or off for several weeks whilst the furniture settles. As reclaimed wood is a natural material, excessive heat can cause the wood to split, crack or warp.

We will be unable to replace furniture that has any such issues resulting from direct sun or heat damage.

Usage & cleaning

Rings from cups and mugs and red wine spills are a common occurrence on tables. We recommend using coasters and placemats for protection – making sure to wipe up any spills quickly to prevent staining. 

Cleaning your furniture from time to time will protect it from any stains forming. An old cotton T-shirt or lint-free dishtowel works well to remove any dirt or crumbs. Wet the cloth very lightly, wring out so it’s only just damp, and wipe!

Furniture polish is not recommended. These products often build up a residue and actually attract dust. A beeswax polish can be used as an alternative to furniture polish, to help both nourish and polish the furniture plus add further water resistance.

For wax finishes, an appropriate wax, such as Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish, can also be used to help clean and nourish the furniture.

For lacquer finishes and more stubborn stains, Fiddes Wood Surface cleaner widely available online is also suitable to use: This will also help nourish and the maintain the finish of your furniture.

Waxed/unlacquered finishes

Our waxed/unlacquered finish reclaimed wood furniture is finished with a coating of Fiddes furniture wax. From time to time it’s worthwhile reapplying another layer to keep building up protection. It will also help with any chips or colour loss. Alternatively, a beeswax polish can be used. This can be applied with a cloth, left to harden, then gently buffed. Both will condition the wood, keeping it looking as good as new!

Lacquered finishes

Our lacquered finish reclaimed wood furniture is finished with a lacquer coating for maximum durability and water resistance. From time to time, a beeswax polish can be used to buff the table. This can be applied with a cloth, left to harden, then gently buffed. This will condition the wood and help maintain water resistance, keeping it looking as good as new!

If required, the lacquer can also be topped up from time to time to repair or replenish the coating.

Outdoor reclaimed furniture

Our outdoor reclaimed wood is treated to be weather resistant and then finished with a stain and lacquer/varnish.

For cleaning guidance, please follow the instructions above. In addition the frames can be cleaned gently with warm, lightly soapy water and then  fully dried.

We would advise covering the furniture when not in use, to help protect it from the elements for maximum longevity, particularly if always kept outdoors. You may also wish to store indoors during the winter months, to help further preserve the furniture.

When needed to add further protection and to nourish the outdoor furniture, any outdoor wood oil such as Ronseal can be used. We'd suggest an oak or medium oak colour.

Other information             

After many years of service, or if you want to change the appearance of the wood, varnish and wax removers will take off the old finisher. The top can then be sanded with a fine grade paper before a new finish is applied.

For indoor furniture, either a wood stain and indoor lacquer/varnish or a furniture wax can be applied.

For outdoor furniture, a wood stain and outdoor lacquer/varnish can be applied.

Rug Collection Use & Care Information

We suggest using a non-slip underlay with all our rugs.

Vacuum the rug regularly using a brushless attachment. New rugs tend to have some loose surface fibres and these can be removed easily by vacuuming.

Use your vacuum cleaner on a low suction setting, and vacuum in the direction of the pile. Avoid using brush attachments when vacuuming as these may hook the delicate fibres. Some shedding of loose fibres is a normal characteristic of new rugs, and is particularly seen with wool pile rugs.

Occasionally, fibres miss the final shearing process and will show up after vacuuming. Do not pull the fibres as this may cause permanent damage to the rug. Simply clip these at the height of the pile using a pair of scissors.

It is a good idea to air the rug from time to time and rotate it occasionally to ensure that it wears evenly.

Protect your rug from strong direct sunlight whenever possible to avoid the colours fading.

Also note, that where heavy use has caused some flattening of the pile, this can change the appearance of the colours as light is reflected differently off the surface. 

Our flat weave linen wool rugs are dyed in Portugal, using contract quality dyes ensuring the best light and colourfastness. These flat weave rugs will not fade due to light and sun exposure.

Our recycled plastic bottle rugs are UV resistant.

Furniture or other heavy objects placed on rugs for long periods will create indentations on any pile rugs.

To reduce the occurrence of these pressure marks we recommend using furniture cups/castors under the feet, and moving and repositioning furniture and heavy items when possible.

Also remember, never drag heavy items across the rug. 

Heavy usage, for example in high traffic areas, will also cause some flattening of the rug pile and regular vacuuming will help to prevent this.

Professional cleaning is highly recommended, but in the case of minor stains cleaning can be carried out with caution.

For spillages on wool rugs, act quickly.

Remove any liquid spills using absorbent paper towels or a clean white cloth. Remove solid spills by using a spoon to scoop up as much of it as possible and then dilute the remaining stain with a little water, but avoid getting the rug too wet.  Blot up whatever you can, starting from the edge and working your way towards the centre. Do not rub.

To remove grease, oil, ink, wax, make-up and other hard-to-remove stains professional rug cleaning is recommended.

Flat weave rugs should be vacuumed regularly using a gentle suction and brushless attachment.  This will remove dust and dirt from the weave structures.

Remove any liquid spills using absorbent paper towels or a clean white cloth. Remove solid spills by using a spoon to scoop up as much of it as possible and then dilute the remaining stain with a little water. Use as little water as possible to avoid getting the rug too wet. Blot up whatever you can, starting from the edge and working your way towards the centre. Do not scrub or rub a stain as this may damage the structure of the weave. 

In addition to turning your rug regularly, our flat weave rugs are also reversible and so can be used on both sides.


Blot spills immediately with a clean, damp cloth. These rugs can be washed if required with soap and water.

If the rug gets wet it should be allowed to dry thoroughly.

They do take a while to dry, so we recommend spot cleaning when needed rather than washing the whole rug. 

Professional cleaning is recommended for stains.

If you need to store your rug away for a while, there are some important things to remember. 

Never fold your rug, always roll it.


It is important that the rug is completely dry when stored away. Roll it with the pile facing inside, and store in a cool and dry place, protected from dust, insects and humidity.

If the rug is to be stored for an extended period, air it at least once a year and apply moth repellent.

Do not bend the roll nor place a heavy weight on it as this may leave marks on carpet.


Please check our Delivery & Packaging page which contains all the details about how we package products.

We strongly believe there is too much single use plastic polluting our world and know there are many people who believe this too. We want to help make a stand against it!

At H&W, we want to do our bit and help people do their bit to help reduce plastic pollution through some great design led, affordable plastic free and reusable homewares. The more people that make small changes, the greater the movement will be.

These products, including bamboo, stainless steel and glass products, are all sourced from suppliers that place a real emphasis on ethical and sustainable supply chains/manufacture. The vast majority are completely plastic free, whilst a small number of products use small amounts of BPA free plastic such as in the lids of some of our reusable, stainless steel drinking bottles – given they’re far from single use and the bottles will massively reduce the use of single use plastic water bottles, we think it’s a worthwhile compromise. 

A small selection of our homewares also use high quality, food grade silicone as seals or grips. It’s very durable and long lasting, so again far from single use. You can read more in our other handy FAQ in this section.

Our homewares are all packaged using environmentally friendly materials such as re-cycled or re-used cardboard and non-plastic tape.

As with many things in the plastic free and environmentally friendly space, there is some debate around the use of silicone as an alterative to plastic. Some say it’s completely safe and recyclable, whilst others urge more caution.


We’re taking the middle ground and consider, high quality food grade silicone a good alternative to plastic when used as seals (such as in some of our stainless steel lunch boxes), lids or grips (such as on our glass coffee/tea cups).


It’s really durable and more sea-friendly than standard plastics (it won’t degrade into micro fragments). It also stands up better against heat and cold. It’s also BPA free, odourless, stain-resistant and hypoallergenic.


That said, we would steer away from using cookware and baby utensils made of silicone especially when subjected to high temperatures or used as storage over longer periods. Some studies show it can become unstable and leach in certain conditions, albeit it’s still much safer than plastics.

In terms of recycling, silicone can be recycled but it’s not so easy and does need to be handled by specialist recycling facilities. However, this is balanced by its durability – it has a very long life span and so it shouldn’t need to go anywhere near a recycling or waste facility for many, many years.

Here’s some more reading if you’d like to dig further:

Currently, our primary environmental focus is on our plastic free and reusable homewares range which are ethically and sustainably manufactured and have the best chance of reducing plastic pollution most quickly – and so will have the biggest impact.

But we’re also doing what we can, wherever we can with our other product ranges and we’re always looking to do more. All of our home furnishings are ethically and sustainably manufactured using re-cycled materials together with using environmentally friendly packaging and we’re always looking for more great design-led home furnishings like this.

We also have a great exclusive range of British, hand-made pendant lights made by breathing new life into old tools and materials together with a sustainable range of reclaimed British pine tables and benches.

Our other furniture and lighting products are all long term purchases and they’re shipped directly from our suppliers to cut out unnecessary mileage and re-packaging. We’re also working with our suppliers and manufacturers to improve their supply chains and packaging whilst also continuing to supply affordable, stand out, contemporary design led products we know customers will love.

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