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September 23, 2022 4 min read

Written by: Tim C

As the days start drawing in and everyone begins to spend a little longer inside, now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your bedroom into a cosy sanctuary of sleep. It’s no secret that sleep is important, in fact, we spend over 40% of our lives in bed, either sleeping or trying to get to sleep. However, despite the bedroom being the place where you will spend the majority of your life, it is often the most overlooked room in a house.

Follow our handy guide below on how to make your bedroom meet the relaxing and cosy standards needed for a perfect night's sleep every night. 

Most importantly - The bed 

Since the bed is where we will spend a big portion of our lives and since it’s also the main item of furniture in the bedroom, it is important to get it right. A statement bed frame that is high-quality and stylish will instantly make your bedroom a more desirable destination where you will want to spend more of your time. A bed frame made from natural materials, like our Marino Rustic Oak Bed Frame is a perfect way to bring a calming and relaxing feeling into your room via the natural textures and tones of wood. With a good quality mattress and with pillows that support your head, your bed will start to be a place you won’t want to leave. 

Organise your room 

Clutter can make a room feel busy and can definitely disrupt the composed feeling that you want your bedroom to have. Increase your storage space by using wardrobes and drawers like our beautiful Marino Oak Double Wardrobe and our Oslo Reclaimed Wood Wide Chest, to organise your room more effectively. Vary the type of storage that you have in your bedroom to enable the clear separation of different items, this will make sure that you haven’t overwhelmed one piece of furniture. These larger furnishings are another great way to inject some natural colours into the room and provide an opportunity to create a cohesive and harmonious style throughout your space. 

Practical but personal

You don’t want your room to feel like a generic hotel which is why it is important to have some personal items and decorations around your bedroom that will spark some joy. A great way to enable the addition of a family photo, or a vase of flowers is to use the tops of drawers, dressers or bedside cabinets to display your items. Our Oku Oak Sideboard is a great item for creating a designated place where you can show off a personal touch. Not only will this make the room more homely and personal but it will also encourage you to keep the rest of your bedroom clutter-free so as not to distract from the personalised additions. 


Lamps are a vital part of any cosy bedroom as the ceiling light is often too powerful and oppressive when you want to be getting relaxed, cosy and ready for bed. Using lamps to bring a softer light into your room is nothing new but utilising beautifully designed lamps can elevate your room to a new level. A bedside lamp such as Moreton Table Lamp allows you to bring a practical but statement feature into your room and means you can reduce other needless aesthetic elements that have no personal or practical value and just add clutter. Varying the size, style and materials of your lamp is an interesting way to create stylish contrasts in your bedroom whilst still having a warm, intimate and cosy place to be. 

Cosy corners 

You don’t just want your bedroom to be a clothes storage area with a place to sleep. If you have the space, it is a great idea to create a cosy corner, where you can read and unwind, which makes the transition to and from bed slower and smoother. Adding a cosy chair or two near a window or in a secluded corner will allow you to relax in your bedroom at your own pace, our Harper Natural Linen Armchair is a great option. A floor lamp like our Nothe Marine Floor Lamp will give your cosy corner its own cosy light source and create separation between the sleeping and storage areas.  Bringing in a lamp table will centre the space and add some practicality.  

Blankets and Rugs 

Soft furnishings like blankets, cushions and rugs are a simple, effective and economical way to make your bedroom feel warmer and cosier. These types of furnishings are also an easy way to inject some extra colour, texture and style into your bedroom, without much effort, and they can be easily swapped and changed to freshen up your space. Place rugs around your room to add comfort to hardwood flooring or simply make specific areas extra cosy. Blankets and cushions are must-haves for the bedroom as they will soften up the space and keep you warm and cosy during these colder months.


If you want some more inspiration for bedroom furniture, check out our entire bedroom collection here. Be sure to let us know if you found these tips helpful by commenting below! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with any of your bedroom interiors to show us how you’ve made your space, comfortable, cosy and stylish. We look forward to seeing the results!

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