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October 17, 2023 6 min read

Your dining room is a vital part of your home, whether as the ideal space for quality time with the kids, the host of family meals or the impromptu office when working from home. This is why designing your dining room is essential - finding the right look emphasises its role and creates a warm, communal feel.

So, how do you make the perfect dining room?

Keep reading on and explore our top tips for family dining room design so you can enjoy your dream room with your family.

Tips for Designing Your Dining Room For Your Family Home

1) Consider the space and layout.

consider space around the dining table

Whilst grand ideas may seem like a good idea, you need to find a design that suits the space your dining room offers.

For example, you don’t want to add a dining table that leaves very little space. Equally, tiny furniture can make a larger room appear too big and empty.

Think about the function of your dining room. Is it strictly for hosting family get-togethers, or do the kids use it for homework? Is it part of your kitchen?

Be aware of where you place furniture if you have groups of people eating together; you will need additional space if you extend the table!

If you have little space available, think about having your dining table and chairs in one corner, allowing for armchairs or a loveseat on the other side of the room to make it feel cosy. 

For larger dining areas, you have the space for your table and chairs to be in the centre. Small tables, shelves and drawers along the walls are great for storage and adding personality to your dining room.

Remember,  whatever the size, you and your guests should be able to leave the table without knocking into those still sitting.

2) Choose the right dining table.

family dining table

After establishing the size of your room, you need to pick the best furniture to suit!

Finding the right dining table means considering the style you want to fit your dining room’s aesthetic while remembering your family’s needs.

For example, a glass dining table may not be practical for a home with small children. Instead, a sturdier material may work better, such as reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood dining tables are also a great eco-friendly option.

Do you want to mimic a country cottage, or do you want a more modern feel? You can find the perfect dining table to match your preferred style.

Also, think about what you use your dining table for. A table made from more durable material can withstand children drawing or doing homework, and an extendable equivalent is perfect for when they have friends over for dinner.

Whichever you choose, ensure it fits in your space and leaves plenty of room for moving around.

3) Select comfortable seating.

select comfortable seating for your family dining table

Time to find the best seating for your dining table.

You have many options, such as stools, chairs and benches, to find the best variation for you and your family. Consider the style and feel you want, such as using wooden chairs with a wooden table.

However, your seating also needs to be comfortable. If you and your family are using this space for long periods of time, ensure you don’t become distracted by discomfort and can instead focus on your meal or work.

Leather chairs are a comfortable addition to your dining room, perfect for family or guests. Benches are also ideal; they make it easier when more people are around the table.

To be eco-friendly, consider bringing reclaimed dining furniture into your home through your seating. Our chairs’ character and charm make them ideal for your dining room.

4) Utilise your lighting.

lighting options for your family home

When decorating, consider your dining room lighting and the feel you want in the room. Do you want a dark, cosy vibe, or do you want daylight to shine through?

Use plenty of light sources around the room, such as lamps and ceiling lights, to achieve a warm, comfortable glow throughout your dining room instead of just one area.

If you use your dining room for multiple functions, use dimmer switches to set the mood to suit your needs.

5) Add storage to your dining room.

add storage to your family dining room

A family home needs plenty of storage, and the dining room is no exception. Include cabinets and drawers in your decorating to hold all dinnerware stylishly and discreetly.

For those hosting family get-togethers, these storage solutions are ideal for glasses, cutlery and other mealtime necessities. However, this isn’t the only thing you can store in your dining room.

If your children use this space for play, use the drawers and cupboards to hold toys when they are not being used. Similarly, store laptops and stationery away when you’re not working, keeping everything together and tidy while giving you space to spend time with your family.

6) Choose the right colours and decor.

choose the right colours and decor for family dining room

The colours you choose in your dining room reflect an atmosphere to those in it, so you must find a scheme that highlights the family style and the mood you want to create.

Neutral colours, blues, and greens can promote a light, airy vibe, perfect for early morning breakfasts and midday lunches. If you don’t want to paint all four walls, consider a bright, fun wallpaper to bring texture and intrigue into the room.

Some colours are more suited to family life than others. White colour schemes will quickly reflect mess and mud, so try and use a different colour palette for the room if you have young children.

This colour scheme doesn’t just apply to your walls. Find decor, such as rugs, curtains and artwork, that match your style and emphasise the welcoming, cosy ambience you want in your dining room.

7) Incorporate child-friendly elements.

child friendly elements of dining space

Your dining room isn’t just for you and your partner. When designing the space, make it suitable for your children, nieces and nephews too.

Find furniture made from durable materials to reduce the likelihood of breaking. Also, it should be easy to clean when sticky fingers leave marks, like paint, juice or food.

Ensure furniture is accessible and appropriate for younger family members, such as being a suitable height and comfortable to use.

Most importantly, make your dining room safe for children, like having high shelves or cabinets to store items they shouldn’t access. Lower seating also provides a shorter distance if they fall off their chair.

8) Make the room multifunctional.

make a dining space multifunctional for children

If you don’t just use your dining room for family meals, make it suitable for those other activities!

A durable table is ideal for children doing homework or drawing and is more difficult to damage than glass alternatives. Also, have plenty of storage to keep placemats and centrepieces safe whilst playing board games as a family.

If you use this space to work, have your dining table or additional seating near an electrical outlet so you and your family are less likely to trip over any wires.

Featured Reclaimed Furniture for Your Family Dining Room

Now you know how to design your fantastic family dining room, what furniture do you need?

Here are our top picks of reclaimed wood dining furniture for your home.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Set (Williamsburg Collection)

reclaimed wood family dining table set

With space for up to six people, the Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Set (Williamsburg Collection) is 180cm long and offers many seating options to suit your needs and preferences.

Its black industrial-style legs make the piece look more modern, and its lacquered finish provides hardwearing protection for your family. The knots and grains in the wood give character and charm and make it an ideal addition to your dining room.

Upholstered Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair (Williamsburg Collection)

upholstered reclaimed wood dining chair

Our Upholstered Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair (Williamsburg Collection) is the perfect solution for a rustic look in your dining room. This comfortable chair suits various styles, including contemporary and classic spaces.

The reclaimed wood makes each chair unique, and its natural finish gives a stylish feel to your home.

Reclaimed Wood Display Cabinet (Williamsburg Collection)

reclaimed wood display cabinet

This sustainable furniture offers an eco-friendly alternative for your dining room and contains natural and rustic design features. Our Reclaimed Wood Display Cabinet (Williamsburg Collection) is the ideal location to store various items, such as souvenirs, glasses and books, to name a few.

Its large drawer and four shelves provide plenty of space to leave your dining room uncluttered, and the glass doors offer an artistic focal point instead of just storage space.

Hopefully now you should have a firm and clear understanding of how to design your reclaimed dining room to get the best results for you and your family.

However, if you need more support furnishing your home, Hemming & Wills offer stylish, reclaimed options, whether you want to redecorate your dining room or update your bedroom. Take a look at our reclaimed furniture today!

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