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November 07, 2023 5 min read

As the leaves change outside, it's the perfect time to alter your indoor space, incorporating the cosy and earthy vibes we associate with the season. With its warm hues and rustic charm, autumn offers a rich source of inspiration for our home decor, from the comforting scent of spices in the air to soft candlelight in the evenings and everything in between.

But how do we add these earth-inspired vibes to our homes? This blog explores our earthy decor ideas to bring an autumn feel into your home, helping to achieve that perfect ambience of elegance and warmth.

Embrace Natural Colour Palettes

natural colour palette in autumn

Use the warm, inviting autumn tones and the natural colours you see outside to decorate your living space. Various options are available, such as warm reds, deep oranges, golden yellows and rich browns, so you can find the perfect combination to suit your space and tastes.

For example, consider accent walls in rustic reds or ochre yellows and throw pillows or curtains in burnt orange and deep brown shades. By incorporating these warm, natural colours into your autumn home decor, you can create that elegant, comfortable space while making the most of the earthy shades available.

Include Textures and Fabrics for Cosiness

textures and fabrics for cosiness

As the air turns crisper, take advantage of autumn-inspired textures and materials, ideal for those who love tactile fabrics. Living room chairs, essential home decor elements, are fantastic for this.

Opt for plush upholstery in warm hues, like deep reds or soft browns, and complement these with throws and blankets. These combinations add warmth to the room and bring a sense of visual cosiness, and knitted blankets in earthy tones or faux fur throws can enhance the snug atmosphere. Drape them over sofas or armchairs for an instant touch of autumn comfort.

Bring Nature Indoors

bring nature indoors

Nature is an easy and charming way to include autumn decor, so make the most of the season by bringing its elements indoors. Introduce houseplants that show the lushness of autumn foliage, like ferns or succulents in rustic pots. 

Add the quintessential touch of autumn with pumpkins - their warm, earthy tones instantly transform spaces. Scatter them artfully around your home to help create a harvest-inspired ambience. 

Moreover, consider pinecones, acorns, or dried leaves in decorative bowls for a simple, nature-inspired centrepiece. These subtle touches invite the outdoors into your home, making the space more autumnal.

Light the Autumn Ambience

autumnal living room lighting

The proper lighting can reflect the earthy vibes you want within your home when the days grow shorter. Find soft, ambient lighting sources like floor lamps and table lamps, the perfect earth decor for your living room. Their warm glow illuminates the space and creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for the cooler months.

Strategically placing these lamps around your home enhances cosiness, making every corner inviting. With suitable illumination, your home will exude a tranquil, relaxing vibe, making it a comforting place during the colder days of the year.

Rustic Decor Accents

autumnal rustic decor accents

Elevate your home's autumnal allure with rustic decor accents that capture the best parts of the season. Rustic dining tables and rustic dining benches, made from natural wood, exude charm while blending with the autumn ambience. 

Wood's raw, earthy texture enhances the cosy autumn atmosphere, bringing a touch of nature indoors.

Furthermore, a rustic table paired with benches effectively promotes warmth and togetherness. These pieces offer functionality and serve as focal points, heightening the overall aesthetic of your space. These timeless wooden accents are the perfect addition to your home, bringing comfort and style to your earthy decor.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Furniture

sustainable and eco friendly autumnal furniture

Bringing that autumn feeling isn't just about the style of your home. It's also about your environmental consciousness. Choose sustainable, eco-friendly furniture to harmonise your home. 

Many eco-conscious choices, like reclaimed dining benches, are crafted from wood, aligning with the rustic autumn vibe. Using such pieces adds charm and reduces your carbon footprint, making your space beautiful and environmentally responsible.

By selecting autumn furniture made from reclaimed or sustainably sourced materials, you help preserve our planet and create a home with a deep sense of natural harmony. Hemming & Wills has various reclaimed and sustainable furniture available, where every piece is thoughtfully crafted, allowing you to welcome the season in the most eco-conscious way possible.

Create a Comforting Space

create a comforting space for autumn

What better way to bring in the cooler nights than to make your home a comforting space? Your living room is an excellent place to heighten the warmth and relaxation. Invest in the best living room furniture; consider sumptuous sofas and cosy armchairs where you can unwind.

Enhance these pieces with soft throws and blankets for decoration and to keep warm during the chilly evenings. Drape them over your furniture to invite snuggly moments and add a sense of seasonal charm. With the right combination of furniture and textiles, you can craft the perfect space full of comfort, cosiness, and autumn vibes.

Leather Accents

leather furniture accents

Infuse your home with timeless elegance by incorporating leather accents, perfect for creating an inviting autumn ambience. With its rich textures and earthy tones, leather furniture offers sophistication and comfort.

A luxurious, well-crafted leather armchair is the perfect addition to any room, and leather dining chairs refine your dining area. Their durability and classic appeal make them ideal for enhancing your dining experience during the cosy autumn months. These leather accents not only elevate the aesthetic of your home but also promise enduring style.

Autumnal Scents

autumnal scented candles

Transform your home by making the most of autumnal scents. There's something comforting about the aroma of smoky fires on crisp evenings, a scent often associated with autumn. To recreate this atmosphere, consider incorporating outdoor fire pits in your garden. They add warmth and infuse the air with the delightful smell of burning wood, instantly elevating your autumn ambience.

When indoors, indulge in scented candles or essential oils with cedar, cinnamon, or vanilla. These fragrances not only bring a sense of warmth but also evoke the rustic charm of autumn. By embracing these earthy smells, your home develops an inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

The season is changing, but that doesn't mean it must remain outside. Use earth home decor to create a cosy, alluring space you can relax in and make the most of the warm colours, leather accents and natural elements you find.

Where can I find the right Autumn-themed furniture for my home?

If you're looking for more ways to bring that rustic charm to your home, Hemming & Wills has an array of sustainable furniture options you can choose from to create your ideal home. From our Bespoke Collection to our Woodstock variations, we can provide the perfect selection of furniture to suit your style and bring those perfect autumn vibes. See how we can support you with your home decor today!

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