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January 02, 2024 4 min read

The new year is the ideal time for updating the interior of your home, including your furniture and decor. So, for advanced inspiration, discover the predicted interior design trends in 2024 (UK), such as incorporating reclaimed or recycled furniture.

1. Scandinavian Design

scandinavian design

Interior design trends continue to evolve, embracing a harmonious blend of nature-inspired elements and functional simplicity, which is why many seek Scandinavian-style options when designing their living spaces.

Natural textures take centre stage, focusing on materials like wood, stone, and brick, bringing an authentic and earthy feel to living spaces. 

Beauty in design is found in simplicity and functionality, reflected in the prevalence of clean lines and uncomplicated aesthetics. For example, the interior design colour trends of 2024 are neutral tones. White, beige, and grey dominate, creating bright and airy interiors essential for shorter days and longer nights, contributing to overall wellbeing. 

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian landscapes, the trend is to bring nature inside, evoking the serene beauty of lakes, forests, and mountains. This connection to the outdoors is aesthetically pleasing and contributes to a sense of tranquillity within the home. 

Cosy elements take the spotlight to counter the colder months. Think sheepskin throws and blankets that add warmth and comfort, creating inviting spaces that resonate particularly well with the Scandinavian ethos of embracing snug interiors during winter.

2. Farmhouse Chic

farmhouse chic interior design

This aesthetic brings together distressed or reclaimed wood, antique artefacts, and the grandeur of large pendant lights and chandeliers. 

Exposed beams and bricks add an industrial touch, creating a dynamic interplay between earthy, vintage, and modern elements within a space.

The key to embracing the farmhouse chic trend is layering the room with intricate details. From incorporating prints on colourful walls to adding ornate frames to plain surfaces, the emphasis is on decorating every corner to infuse character and personality into the space.

Informality and comfort take precedence in this trend, especially regarding seating arrangements. Casual and comfortable seating invites relaxation, creating an inviting atmosphere. 

Introduce leafy elements to enhance the connection with nature, providing a refreshing contrast to the vintage and earthy tones. 

Incorporate large rugs to ground the room, providing a sense of warmth and definition. 

Floral elements further contribute to the vintage charm, seamlessly intertwining with antique pieces proudly showcased in the space. Accents of black and bronze add a touch of sophistication. 

Creative storage solutions complete the narrative of a thoughtfully curated and inviting interior.

3. Unusual Dining Spaces

ultra modern and high tech dining space

The concept of dining spaces is undergoing a fascinating transformation, with unconventional setups gaining prominence as an up-and-coming interior design trend in 2024. 

Homeowners are increasingly inclined to craft dining areas that serve the functional purpose of enjoying meals and become inviting havens for memorable and entertaining experiences. 

The trend emphasises bold seating choices, envisioning dining tables with unique and eye-catching chairs, ensuring that families and guests can comfortably sit in style.

To create an unusual dining space, highlight intriguing decor elements that catch the eye and spark conversation. Make artwork a centrepiece, providing a visual feast and establishing a talking point within the room. 

Use a statement rug to ground the space, adding a layer of texture and personality to the dining area. 

Oversized lighting fixtures can contribute to the overall ambience, creating a dramatic yet inviting atmosphere. 

This trend further explores the revamping of classic dining tables with a twist, introducing unexpected elements that redefine the conventional dining experience. 

Additionally, sustainability takes the limelight, with homeowners opting for eco-friendly choices such as reclaimed wood tables and organically shaped chairs, aligning with a growing consciousness for environmentally responsible design practices. More on this in the next section!

4. Sustainability is Key

sustainable dining furniture

Biophilic elements are taking centre stage in 2024, reflecting a growing recognition of their impact on productivity and overall wellbeing. This design draws inspiration from nature, hence the use of natural colours and textures to create harmonious living spaces. 

Homeowners are increasingly inclined towards sustainable furniture for their eco-friendly attributes and the unique beauty it brings to interiors.

Reclaimed wood, in particular, is garnering significant attention as a sustainable material that showcases a commitment to environmental conservation. 

Beyond its ecological benefits, reclaimed wood pieces inject character into homes, each grain, knot, and scuff telling a unique tale of the material's previous life. Whether sourced from a railway sleeper or a barn, each piece carries a rich history that contributes to its distinctive charm. 

The use of reclaimed wood also aids in reducing the impact of deforestation, aligning with a broader ethos of responsible design. 

Furthermore, the inherent durability of reclaimed wood makes it an ideal choice for families and high-traffic areas, ensuring both longevity and a positive environmental footprint.

5. Lighting Up Outdoors

black tall outdoor lantern

Elevating the exterior ambience of a home is a critical focus in contemporary design, with lighting playing a pivotal role in transforming the look and feel of outdoor spaces. 

The warm, inviting glow of yellow lighting is particularly effective in creating a welcoming atmosphere, especially after sunset. 

Homeowners can choose from diverse styles, allowing them to make a statement and reflect their unique personality. Whether it's charming string lights, sophisticated lanterns, or modern fixtures, the choice of outdoor lighting contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of a home.

Moreover, adequate lighting in outdoor spaces enhances safety by deterring potential intruders and providing visibility. This protects the home and promotes a sense of security for the residents. Also, well-placed outdoor lighting facilitates better visibility for individuals returning home after dark, minimising the risk of trips and falls. 

After reading this blog, you should be inspired to transform your home, reflecting the predicted interior design trends of 2024. 

To conclude, sustainability is at the heart of most interior design trends of next year. Explore our collection of reclaimed living furniture at Hemming & Wills, reducing your environmental impact and bringing unique character to your home.

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