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Our range of wooden dining tables includes a variety of sizes and styles to suit your taste and needs. Whether you prefer extendable tables for flexible seating arrangements or rustic designs for a cosy farmhouse feel, we have the perfect table for you. Each table is carefully crafted from wood sourced sustainably, giving it a unique character while contributing to a greener future. With our selection of industrial dining tables, you can add a touch of urban elegance to your dining space. Experience warmth, sustainability, and style with our exquisite collection of wooden dining tables.

Inject sustainability into your dining space with reclaimed dining chairs!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at Hemming & Wills, you can customise some of our wooden dining tables. You have the flexibility to change the table's colour, finish on the legs, and more. If you're interested in altering the size or shape of the table, please contact Hemming & Wills to discuss specific customisation options. We'd be happy to help you create the perfect dining table to fit your needs and style preferences.