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May 12, 2023 3 min read

Summer '23 is rapidly approaching, and we can’t wait. 

As the days start to get longer (in a good way), we want to make sure your home is the summer haven you dream of, that you always look forward to coming home to. Maybe even so good that you don’t even need a summer holiday! It’s a tall order, but we think the emerging furniture and accessories trends for summer '23 will make it easy.

Take a look at the must have furniture and accessories you have to have in your home this summer.

Sustainable Materials

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions, from eco-friendly bathroom products to sustainably sourced and made furniture. There is a growing desire for a circular economy. According to Smartest Energy’s independent study, consumers increasingly favour brands with a commitment to environmental sustainability, with 4 out of 5 people saying they’re likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to it.

Sustainable materials and components are now high on the agenda for the furniture industry, and they are having an increasing influence on design too. We’re seeing a resurgence of earthy tones and textures, a throwback to the 70s and a nod to repurposed materials. 

Our Reclaimed and Sustainable Furniture Collection is perfect for summer '23. Made from sustainable and rustic wood, these pieces are strong and full of unique knots and grooves that make each one truly one of a kind. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor furniture, our collection ensures an impressive and everlasting style you’ll love for years to come.

Malmö Collection - Reclaimed Wood 160cm Dining Table

Curvy Shapes

It’s retro fantastic with a contemporary twist. Summer ‘23 is the season for rounded edges, arched backs and soft, flowing lines. These curves uniquely soften a design and the mood of a space, indoor or outdoor. 

The curved trend isn’t new, but it has made a comeback. The design trend was originally inspired by the curves of natural landscapes and mirrored that inside the home, it roots the design in nature, which ties in well with the sustainable materials trend too. The goal is for a relaxing environment that establishes calm with flowing contours that lead the eye softly around the space. 

This Double Rattan Nest Chair brings curves and peace in equal measure. It is purpose-made for summer relaxing and perfectly embodies this furniture and accessories summer trend. Don’t miss a drop of summer sunshine with this trendy garden staple.

Double Rattan Nest Chair

Velvet Upholstery

Exuding elegance, comfort and luxury all in one, there’s no room that couldn’t benefit from an iconic velvet upholstered piece. 

Once a fabric strongly linked with nobility and status, the Renaissance period saw significant breakthroughs in the manufacturing technology for velvet, which led to a boom in its popularity. It began to be used more frequently on clothing and furniture to enhance them aesthetically. It’s a trend that keeps coming back time and time again. 

This summer’s velvet trend is influenced by its 70’s flare. You’ll find pieces in strong hues that are deeply rooted in nature. Oranges, blues and mustard yellows are deeply popular. The velvet touch is perfect for creating depth and texture in a room, and the pop of colour makes it a strong centrepiece to lift your space.

The Milano Deco Chair brings together sumptuous lines that draw the eye with strong gold finishes to bring a gorgeous antique touch to your design. Comfy, comforting and cosy - it embodies everything the velvet furniture summer trend should be.

Milano Deco Chair

Return of Rattan

Lightweight, durable and stylish - there’s no surprise that rattan is going to be big in furniture and accessories in homes this summer. 

Its earthy tones and connection to nature are part of the reason it has made such a big comeback, effortlessly complimenting the Japandi style when used in light wood shades. It is also an environmentally friendly and natural material which leans into the rise of the eco-conscious shopping mentality we’ve seen recently.

Rattan can be used in any style, from seating to cupboard doors to tables and baskets. But its natural durability and style we think lends itself perfectly to your garden. The Vista Rattan Outdoor Dining Set is perfect for those who adore time spent in their garden on long, warm summer days. The all-weather rattan is used in a half-round weave that will withstand years of weather without fading, drying or cracking, so you can enjoy the Vista dining set and its matching bistro sets and lounge sets for many years to come while being hot on trend for summer '23.

Vista Rattan Outdoor Dining Set

Make your home and garden perfect for summer '23 and beyond, find your happiness at home with Hemming & Wills furniture and accessories. Shop now.

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