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December 01, 2022 4 min read

Written by: Tim C

Christmas dinner is a big part of Christmas celebrations and the day wouldn’t be the same without the whole family gathering around to eat delicious food, put on paper crowns and tell cheesy jokes. Therefore, it is understandable that many people want to upgrade their dining table during this festive period to ensure that it is fit for such an important occasion. Obviously, a dining table is not just for Christmas and our tables, due to their high quality and durability are investment pieces that can last you decades. Our handy guide below breaks down some of the key things to consider when picking the perfect table and matches these requirements with our favourite pieces. 

Room for the whole family with extra large tables

Size is obviously one of the main considerations when picking a dining table and, if you have the space for it, a large dining table is a great statement piece that will come in handy for dinner parties, games nights and family meals. If you are planning on having the whole family around for Christmas then you definitely want a table that can seat everyone for their Christmas dinner. Our Bespoke Collection comes in sizes up to 300cm meaning you can seat up to 14 in-laws, grandparents and cousins. If you need more people than that, then the accompanying benches are a great way to squeeze people on without having to cram more chairs around the table.  

Versatility with an extendable table 

A large dining table might not be right for your dining room all year round as it could simply be too big for your family and its size might needlessly overwhelm the room. However, you may still want the potential to be able to seat more people when needed. Having an extendable dining table that can change to meet your needs is a great way to have a table suited to your family size but still ensure you can fit everyone around for Christmas. Two tables in our Detroit Collection are extendable, you can choose between a small table extending to a medium or a medium into a large. This means no matter the size or space, your table can always welcome more guests. 

Squeeze everyone around with an astral base 

If you don’t have the room to extend your table but still want to be able to squeeze everyone around for Christmas dinner, then it is important to consider your table legs. The base of your table can limit or increase your seating potential depending on its design. Astral-based tables are great for seating more people since they don’t have table legs on the ends or corners. The base is in the centre of astral-based tables meaning you have 360 degrees of uninterrupted seating space. Both our Islington and Kingston solid oak tables come with an astral base that will ensure you make the most of your table space no matter how many people turn up. 

Consider round tables for a social and space-saving option

The shape of your table is important to consider. If you want to make the most of a smaller space or want a more social environment, then choose a round table. Our Williamsburg Round Table is great for smaller or more awkwardly shaped spaces as it takes up less surface area than a square table of its size would and also allows people to move around with ease due to the lack of corners. The shape of round tables also encourages interaction and conversation as everyone at the table is facing toward the centre and there are no isolated seating positions. Round tables are also great for odd numbers as there will be no obvious unfilled space. 

For the perfect fit try bespoke tables  

If you are having trouble finding the perfect table for your exact requirements then a handmade-to-order table might just be the solution. No one dining room is the same and therefore a standardised option is not for everyone. The dining tables in our Bespoke Collection allow you to choose between various lengths, bases and finishes ensuring you have the perfect table for your exact needs. These reclaimed tables are all the more special due to their uniqueness since they are handmade to order. If you fancy treating yourself this Christmas a Bespoke Dining Table is definitely the perfect present and will last for many more Christmases to come. 

For intimate occasions, there are small tables

Not everyone has the need for a massive table and sometimes space will not even allow a medium-sized one. If you are planning on using a wall to frame your table, then round shapes are out of the question and square-shaped tables are a must. Our Oku Oak Small table is the perfect table for an open-plan apartment or kitchen diner. A typically designed table in a small space can look uninteresting and suck the life out of a room with its mundanity. However, our Oku collection features a Japandi design that will instantly increase the style of your space and increase its interestingness. Perfect for those smaller, more intimate get-togethers and special enough for a Christmas day. 

Hopefully, this list has been useful in helping you decide what sort of dining table is best for you.

If you have any further questions about any of the products mentioned, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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