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May 15, 2023 3 min read

Glorious sunny days and long warm nights are just around the corner, so planning your outdoor space should be top of the list so you can enjoy every drop of the Great British Summer Time. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to get your garden ready! Here’s our design guide on how to style your garden for summer ‘23 based on emerging trends for the season so you know what to focus on when planning and buying.


Furniture focusing on sustainability is huge in indoor and outdoor design. Though it’s not a new trend, it will certainly never go out of style, especially with a rise in people wanting to be more environmentally conscious when shopping.

Garden furniture made from sustainable materials, such as the rustic wood used in our own Sustainable collection, is good for the environment and for adding a unique touch to your outdoor space. Rustic wood is all natural and means you get a timeless look with unique characteristics and a rustic feel, making each piece uniquely yours. Curate your perfect summer garden with your own sustainable piece from our bespoke collection, from coffee tables to dining sets, and get it exactly as you want. It’s good for the environment and great for your garden.


Tahiti Corner Lounge Set

Comfortable seating

Whatever you like to use your garden for, it can never be complete without comfortable seating. There's been a rise in demand for luxurious, padded places to relax. It’s classic and functional and available in so many different styles you’re guaranteed to find one you’ll fall in love with.

If you’re someone who likes to spend time curled up with a cup of coffee chatting with friends, then perhaps a cushioned outdoor lounge set is for you, like our Hacienda Lounge Set. Or for those who enjoy evening dinner parties with family or friends, a cushioned outdoor corner dining set is the perfect balance between comfort and functionality. And of course, if you prefer a solo lounge in the sun, take-in-the-scenery kind of person, then a padded lounger and footstool is just what you need.

However you prefer to unwind, make sure it’s comfortable and stylish to help create that perfect summer ambience. 

Honolulu Black and Teak Medium Fire Pit

Ambient lighting

Often forgotten, but so important for setting the mood when the sun goes down.
Garden lanterns can be used to illuminate your favourite nooks and plants. For a cosy atmosphere, twinkly lights are always popular and can be wrapped around almost anything for a subtle shine. 

Even better, you can pair lighting with warmth by having a fire pit. To make it a statement, try the Honolulu Teak Fire Pit set into a table for an evening glass of wine, making a stunning centrepiece for your evening. For something more subtle, there’s the Timber Fire Lantern which can be placed to the side of a comfortable lounge set for a cosy glow. Or for something more practical but with the same impact, you could try a portable outdoor lantern that can accompany you wherever you choose to cosy up after a long day in the sun.

Single Rattan Nest Chair

Making an outdoor sanctuary

This is the most important thing to think about when styling your summer garden. It has to be a place that reflects you and brings you harmony. 

Summer ‘23 is going to see a rise in the use of day beds, egg chairs and any kind of cocooning furniture. It’s the kind of furniture that always makes you feel cosy and peaceful, like being hugged by your own garden. 

Sit back and have a snooze in an eye-catching Rattan Nest Chair, or make it extra cosy with a double size (double doesn’t mean you have to share!). The rattan ties in perfectly with the 2023 garden trend of textured materials for an extra sprinkle of style. Hanging chairs are also making a comeback, and the gentle movement adds an extra element of relaxation to your garden time. If you like to cocoon with company, a curved seat gives a cosy vibe, which makes the Monserrat Bistro set the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

However you choose to style your garden this summer, make sure you find your happiness at home with Hemming & Wills.

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