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January 13, 2021 3 min read

‘Creating Happiness at Home’ has always been our mission here at Hemming & Wills, and it always will be. Alongside that, we have a vision to provide beautiful, ethical and sustainable product choices that help protect the world we live in too. There’s no Planet B, and the choices we make today, both out in nature and inside our home, will define the future of the generations to come.

Which is why our reclaimed furniture collection is a bestseller here at Hemming & Wills - and for good reason! Each piece embodies the charm and effortless sophistication of the industrial interior style. Below, we take a closer look at where the range comes from, what makes it sustainable and why it’s a stunning choice for your home.

Invest in a quality British masterpiece.

So what does reclaimed actually mean? It means to recover something that was previously lost, redeem something that had gone to waste, and to reform the old into something new. And that is exactly what we aim to do with our reclaimed collection - breathe new life and beauty to materials that might otherwise have gone to waste.

Our reclaimed range is built using pine, hand-picked from old industrial buildings across the UK. Mainly used as floor joists in a previous life, pine has a lot of history, character and detail you will only find in genuine reclaimed wood. It is also extremely heavy and durable, which is always a sign of great quality, and means it can withstand the wear of endless mealtime messes and other day-to-day uses it will encounter at home.

Made by us, designed by you.

With all of our reclaimed furniture items, each piece of pine is lovingly restored to measure by hand. Our dining table collection, for example, can be built for anywhere from 4 people, right up to 14! So whether you’re a regular dinner party host, or simply need a solution for a family of two, you can make your chosen piece work the best for you.

Every solid steel base and frame is handmade to order too. The steel is bought in long strips, which are then cut and welded to form the unique furniture designs. Gunmetal grey in colour, the silver marks on the joins are from welding the steel together, making each piece bespoke whilst adding to the industrial look. To ensure this steel stays looking perfect, the bases are all finished with a clear matt lacquer coating. They’re designed to withstand bumps, knocks and grazes even in the most hectic of homes!

No two items are the same.

Part of the charm of reclaimed furniture as a natural, living material, is that it develops over time. This means that surface changes can appear with the natural adjustment of the wood when it adjusts to a new environment. There are likely to be organic imperfections in the wood, such as knots, holes, indentations and different grains. We believe that this all adds to the character and charm of our reclaimed furniture range, giving a unique look and feel with no two pieces being the same. This, along with the ability to have items made to measure, means that you can design stunning, unique furniture that will last for years to come, wherever you choose to call home. If you crave originality and love to inspire, this collection can serve as a talking point in your home.

Our Range.

From desks for a home office, to matching tables and benches that will bring your dining space to life, our reclaimed furniture range is full of stunning everyday pieces that will bring fashion and functionality into your home. Take a look at the range in action below!

Reclaimed Dining Table Reclaimed Table & Bench Reclaimed Table Reclaimed Desk Reclaimed Bench Reclaimed Table & Bench


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