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October 03, 2023 5 min read

As the days get shorter, it’s only a matter of time before the leaves start to change and the winter coats reappear. Whilst some may mourn the loss of the summer sun, others look forward to the joy that comes with cooler nights and evenings by a roaring fire.

Just because summer dresses and shorts retire to the wardrobe doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your garden in the autumn months. Garden parties are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather, whilst bringing together your friends and loved ones.

So how do you host a fantastic garden party in autumn?

Take a look at our garden party ideas to help you make the most of the celebrations during milder weather.

Hosting an Autumn Garden Party

1) Create a warm environment in your garden.

create a warm environment in your garden

When it becomes colder, it doesn’t mean your home outdoor space has to.

Invest in outdoor heating, such as patio heating, so you and your guests keep warm. 

Fire pits are a great way to heat your space whilst the flames provide a beautiful aesthetic, though be careful with them around children.

Maybe combine these solutions with garden fire lanterns to take advantage of the warmth and create an inviting, comforting atmosphere for your party.

With so many options available, you can find the best way to make that cosy evening environment whilst remaining within your budget.

2) Select durable outdoor furniture.

durable outdoor furniture

To fully enjoy your autumn garden party, you need furniture designed to survive harsher outdoor elements.

You can find tables and chairs built for garden life, such as those that are pressure treated timber. This is a more durable material than other options, making it ideal for your garden furniture.

Several wood types are available so you can find the right aesthetic for your garden, though you need to research how each wood type suits different environments to find the best one for you.

For example, buy outdoor tables made from sustainably sourced timber for a hard-wearing, durable piece of furniture you can use for years. These are a perfect eco-friendly addition for autumn garden parties, no matter the weather, as they can remain outside all year round.

3) Buy cosy elements for your furniture.

buy cosy elements for outdoor furniture

After finding your durable furniture, add accessories to make your garden more homely and inviting.

Outdoor chairs and other garden furniture can be hard and uncomfortable to sit or lie on, so find soft furnishings to make your garden more cosy and comfortable.

Add different textures and colours for an attractive, comfortable display. For example, woollen throws and soft cushions highlight that cosy, warm feel and are the perfect addition to your chairs and sofas.

These furnishings make your garden a visually appealing area for your guests and your seating more enjoyable for relaxing.

4) Add seasonal decorations.

autumn garden party seasonal decor

Take inspiration from the changing season and decorate your garden to suit!

Oranges, reds, yellows and browns are common colours this time of year, so use them in your decorations to bring a warm, colourful element to the garden.

Throws and cushions following this colour scheme bring colour and cosiness to your furniture.

Lighting is a great way to add ambience to your seasonal decorations, giving your garden that perfect glow. Weave fairy lights amongst shrubbery and trees to enliven bare twigs or branches, or wrap them inside glass jars for a beautiful table decoration.

You can also take advantage of the upcoming holidays and incorporate them into your decorating.

Is your garden party in October? Carve pumpkins and add Halloween-themed decorations, especially if children are coming to the event.

5) Plan a menu.

plan an autumn garden party menu

With your garden decorated for autumn, why not extend this theme to your party food and drink?

If you’re celebrating November 5th, break out the barbecue and cook burgers, sausages and other delights. You can also roast marshmallows over the flames to make s’mores, perfect for children and adults alike.

Autumn brings a variety of seasonal vegetables you can use in your dishes. You can use carrots, squash and sweet potatoes to make warm, delicious meals you can amaze your guests with, such as soups and casseroles.

Equally, autumn fruit can make a tasty dessert later in the evening. Offer a sweet apple and blackberry crumble or a homemade pumpkin pie.

For those autumn snacks, try banana bread or pizza slices, and finish off with gingerbread hot chocolate and marshmallows for when the sun sets.

6) Organise the right outdoor activities.

outdoor garden activities in autumn

Once the furniture is selected, the food prepared, and the decorations placed, all that’s left is the entertainment!

Apple bobbing is easy to organise and fun to play! For children or adults, apple bobbing can bring out the competitive natures in friends and loved ones and keep them entertained throughout the night. You can also introduce other Halloween-themed activities, including crafts.

Trivia games are fun for the whole family, and outdoor movie nights are a great excuse to curl up under a warm blanket and enjoy popcorn and hot chocolate.

Closer to Bonfire Night, think about fireworks and bonfires to excite your guests. Just remember to be safe and supervise any children present.

Best outdoor furniture for an autumn garden party

Now we’ve established how to host an autumn garden party, you need to know the best furniture to use throughout the night.

Outdoor reclaimed furniture offers unique, eco-friendly choices to amaze your guests and suit your style. Take a look at the perfect options for your garden events.

Honolulu White and Teak Large Fire Pit

honolulu white and teak fire pit

Fire pits are a great way to create that cosy atmosphere for those wanting to stay warm as the weather gets colder, and Hemming & Wills’ Honolulu White and Teak Large Fire Pit is no exception.

With its coffee table surround and electronic ignition, this fire pit is a stylish and practical way to bring an inviting ambience to your garden party. It also has a cover plate to hide the burner, giving you more space for food and drinks.

Outdoor Timber Fire Lantern

oudoor timber fire lantern

Our Outdoor Timber Fire Lantern is the ideal solution to create a comfortable atmosphere regardless of location.

This portable lantern is perfect for in the garden and on holiday, creating that cosy feel whenever needed. It is easy to use and burns for approximately six hours, so you can relax and enjoy the evening with the click of a button.

Aruba Corner Lounge Set

aruba corner lounge set

You must ensure you have plenty of autumn furniture to host your garden party, and the Aruba Corner Lounge Set provides seating arrangements for various guests.

The acacia wood frame gives a modern finish, and the accompanying coffee table offers a place for drinks and snacks. This lounge set is ideal for enjoying the sun during the day and entertaining friends at night, making it suitable for year-round use.

Cable Knit Throw

cable knit throw

What better way to create a cosy feel for your garden party than using a Cable Knit Throw?

With its diamond pattern and rib knit border, this handcrafted throw is an excellent addition to your outdoor furniture for extra comfort. If you want that rustic feel, this is the perfect accessory for your chairs, lounge sets or tables.

An autumn garden party can be exciting and something you and your loved ones can enjoy. After reading this blog, you should have everything you need to organise your ideal event.

 Hemming & Wills have a range of furnishings and sustainable furniture for you to choose from, both for indoor and outdoor gatherings, so you can make the most of your garden and home, whatever the weather.

 See how we can help with your furniture needs today!

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