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December 16, 2020 3 min read

When you hear the phrase ‘Working From Home’, what does it make you think of? Perhaps it invokes a sense of anxiety, knowing you could be interrupted by your kids on an important Zoom call. Perhaps distractions like the TV, the fridge, or the never-ending list of chores keep you from staying focused. Or maybe the thought of working from home actually helps you breathe sigh of relief, knowing it’s where you’re at your best. Whatever home working feels like for you, there are ways that you can design a home office space that will make your day-to-day tasks more enjoyable. Read on for our guide to creating happiness in your home office!

Separate work life from your home life.

The key to switching off at the end of a busy day is being able to close the door to your work and keep it separate from your life at home. When you’re trying to unwind, the sight of your desk or computer might be an unhelpful reminder of the stresses of the work days to come, so try to find a spot in your home that can be hidden during the evenings. That might be a dedicated spare room, or a corner desk that can be easily tucked away. If you don’t have an extra room that you can dedicate to your work and need to create space in your living area, think about choosing a desk that can blend into its surroundings. OurHive Ladder Desk is a great way to do this thanks to its beautiful, leaning lines and simple shelving structures that you can fill with decor to fit in with your home. It has a functional desk space for your computer and essentials to make your working hours easy too. 

Think about what your home office needs and start from there.

What will make your working life easier? We all have different working styles and needs according to our individual jobs, so before you begin to deck out your home office, it’s important to think about what you require first, so you can make the best decisions. Do you simply need a space to park your laptop or is plenty of accessible storage for books and folders vital for your everyday? Maybe you require space for a noticeboard or somewhere to brainstorm your ideas, or you like to have space for any office plants to dwell. Once you’ve established what you definitely need, try to keep the rest to a minimum. An overcrowded space can cause your home office to feel cluttered and small which isn’t great for your own focus. Ask yourself the question, “What will help my space feel organised?” and find the ways to make it happen. OurScandi Ladder Shelf is a super stylish piece that can help with your home office storage.

Create multiple ‘rooms’ in one home office.

If you do have a spare room in your home that you can dedicate as an office space, think about different ways to keep it feeling fresh. Of course, you’ll need a desk in there for any focused, active work, but you might also want a place to think, read, or take part in online meetings. This is a great excuse to create a “comfort zone” within your working habitat. Think cosy chic and fill the space with pieces that keep it feeling official, but allow you to relax as well. A plush velvet accent chair or sofa, like ourMoko Vintage Velvet one, is a great way to embody this. Why not add anottoman too for when you feel like putting your feet up. A side table for your coffee, even a statement lamp - the possibilities are endless and this is a great opportunity to add your personality into the space.

Make it your own.

The best way to create a happy space to work in? Adding your personality and making it your own. After all, you’re more likely to spend time in your home office if it’s a place you actually want to be in. What does this look like for you? If you love houseplants, add a few into your office. Not only is greenery proven to improve our mood and make us feel happier, but you’ll feel a sense of achievement too as you watch your plant babies grow! If statement pieces and art are more your thing, why not add some feature lighting or hang some art pieces around your walls.


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