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September 19, 2023 4 min read

Sunny days in the UK are often sporadic, making it essential to adapt our outdoor living space, whether a garden or a small patio, so we can enjoy it even when the weather isn't fine. In this blog, we provide valuable insights on how to maximise your outdoor space, transforming it into a beautiful and functional home extension.

1. Invest In Indoor Outdoor Furniture

invest in outdoor furniture for garden space

If you want to save money and space, consider purchasing outdoor furniture that you can also use indoors. Since the weather in the UK is so unpredictable, possessing furniture that you can use both indoors and out will enable optimum flexibility and efficiency. 

Particular furniture like our Outdoor/Indoor Dining Table can seamlessly integrate indoor comfort with outdoor durability. 

Ensure you select pieces that are weather resistant and require minimum upkeep.

Whether you want a cosy corner on the patio or a chic dining area to entertain your guests, high-quality outdoor furniture is essential. It will enable you to enjoy your outdoor space in style and comfort, bringing the indoor mood outside.

2. Think About the Size of Your Garden Furniture

think about the size of your garden furniture

Consider the size of your outdoor space. Compact furniture may be ideal for a small patio or balcony. You can still make a statement with smaller tables and chairs as long as you select artfully styled pieces and cleverly position them.

Our Outdoor Bistro Set is quirky, eye-catching, and practical if your outdoor space is limited. The two matching chairs are durable, UV protected, and weatherproof, making them an excellent choice all year round.

A bistro set, such as the one above, can provide a focal point on a small patio while being functional. Position yours in the corner of your outdoor space next to a flowering climber on a trellis or wall. You could even place your bistro set in the centre of your paving slabs angling potted plants around it.

If you have no room in your outdoor space for a shed, select garden furniture that offers additional storage or multi-purpose features, such as benches with built-in planters or coffee tables with hidden compartments. 

On the other hand, if you have a generous garden or patio, our 8-Seater Outdoor Table Set is a stunning addition to a large outdoor space. This rustic yet contemporary table will look impressive next to a set of patio doors or at the end of a landscaped garden.

A quick tip if you have a small garden – just like you would with an indoor space, incorporate outdoor mirrors to help give the illusion of more space. Outdoor mirrors can also look stunning, bringing a focal point to your garden.

3. Experiment With Garden Lighting

experiment with garden lighting

You don’t have to only enjoy your outdoor space during the day – summer or autumn evenings are also excellent opportunities to breathe in fresh air and absorb your surroundings.

To enjoy your patio or garden in full, incorporate various lights, such as fairy lights, lanterns, or solar-powered lamps. This will benefit you and your guests, making entertaining easy and enjoyable.

Our small portable outdoor lantern can burn for up to six hours, so it is a perfect choice if you are hosting or want a cosy camping vibe!

Implement your light sources strategically to accentuate specific areas of your outdoor space, such as throwing colour on a beautiful tree. 

Also, use light to illuminate pathways, entrances, and steps, ensuring your outdoor space is easily accessible.

To reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, you can acquire energy-efficient lighting, such as solar-powered or LED lamps.

4. Take Inspiration From Scandi Style

scandi style for outdoor space

If you want to follow design trends, introduce Scandinavian-inspired features into your outside space.

Over recent years, Scandinavian design has risen tremendously, which combines minimalistic natural elements with comfort and functionality.

To achieve the Scandi look, incorporate furnishings and accessories of neutral shades and add woven rugs, large cushions, and ornaments in muted pastel colours – think off-white and beige! Don't be afraid to add dark elements to create a visually striking setting.

floor-standing outdoor wooden lantern will add a dramatic flair to your outdoor space, scattering light from its flame to create an amber warmth and glow. Hemming & Wills offers this lantern with a teak casing, which is both sleek and neutral.

5. Implement a Shaded Area

use a shaded area in outdoor space

No matter the size of your outside space, for those hot days, you need shade. You still want to enjoy your outdoor area regardless of the weather! 

So, ensure that you create an area of your garden, patio, or balcony that allows respite from the sun.

A retractable awning, canopy, or sail shade will also protect you from the rain, contributing to your overall comfort when outside.

6. Give Your Garden a Focal Point

focal point in outdoor space

A focal point in your outside space is as important as having one in your home. 

A stunning sculpture, quirky windchime, soothing water feature, or beautifully designed furniture can provide a captivating talking point.

Choose an item that reflects your personal taste and complements your overall garden design. 

reclaimed sleeper-design picnic table will provide somewhere comfortable for you and your guests to lounge while also being a statement piece. Hemming & Wills supplies this rustic furniture in several colours, enabling you to choose a style that suits your outdoor design.

7. Purchase a Fire Pit to Cater for All Seasons

fire pit for outdoor space

If you wantyear-round enjoyment of your garden or patio, acquire a fire pit.

A fire pit will bring an opulent vibe to your outdoor space and provide warmth and a burst of colour during the colder seasons. 

Your family and friends can gather around, share stories, and admire the mesmerising flames. 

Hemming and Wills' fire pits prioritise safety, with features such as spark guards or heat-resistant materials, while still providing style.

Our compact grey fire pit will suit a small patio; our white and teak large fire pit is perfect for a generously sized garden. Both options will turn your area into a luxury outdoor space.

Now you know how to maximise your outdoor space, creating a captivating and functional area that extends your home and personality.

When choosing outdoor furniture, opt for stylish pieces and reclaimed and sustainable furniture to reduce your carbon footprint.

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