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September 17, 2023 4 min read

Our bedrooms serve multiple purposes. They’re where we get ready for the day and sleep at night, or they’re just a place to unwind. We also store our clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items in our bedrooms for aesthetic or practical reasons. So our bedrooms need to be well organised, making space-saving solutions essential. 

If you have a small bedroom, you need to purchase bedroom furniture that helps to maximise the area. Discover more space-saving tips by reading the rest of this blog.

1. Purchase a Narrow Open Wardrobe

purchase a narrow wardrobe

Typical boxy wardrobes can take up a lot of room, which is particularly noticeable in a small bedroom. So, if you’re limited on space, opt for a narrow open wardrobe.

Our open oak wardrobe occupies minimal floor space while effectively storing your clothes, shoes, coats, and accessories. This Japanese-inspired wardrobe delivers quirky and natural-looking style while providing practical and versatile storage. It has four shelves on the side, an open shelf on the front unit, and a railing for hanging your items.

Furthermore, this wardrobe consists of neutral tones and has an elegant finish, both of which will make your bedroom feel airy and refined.

2. Utilise the Back of the Door

utilise the back of the door for bedroom storage

Don't forget to utilise the back of your door when looking for ways to maximise space in your bedroom.

Attach hooks, rails, and an over-the-door rack to hang shoes, scarves, and coats. 

Making the most of your vertical space is key to freeing up room on your floor and creating a clutter-free environment. 

A mirror is a great feature you can add to the back of your door; not only is it convenient, but it also helps to give the illusion of more space.

Attach shelves to utilise your bedroom door further, making extra space to store your accessories and toiletries.

Do you currently have a laundry basket that is taking up floor space? Consider acquiring a hanging hamper for your door, keeping your dirty clothes out of the way.

3. Use a Desk as a Bedside Table

use a desk as a bedside table

Do you need a desk during the day, but a bedside table for the evening? Then use one piece of furniture to do both jobs!

Our Hugo Desk is compact yet highly versatile, enabling it to serve as a functional workspace and a stylish bedside table. 

The Hugo desk has a spacious tabletop for your laptop, books, and paperwork and a single drawer to store your stationery. When relaxing in the evening, the desk's ample space will provide room for a bedside lamp, alarm clock, and a glass of wine!

With its sleek design and glossy finish, this desk complements various bedroom themes, making it easy to incorporate anywhere.

4. Choose a Fold-Away Bed

choose a fold away bed

If you use your bedroom a lot during the day, i.e. as an office or living room space, then you require ample floor space and somewhere comfortable to sit.

The most effective way to achieve both is to swap your bed for a fold-away bed. 

A fold-away bed, such as our Nevis Sofa Bed, is a practical, versatile, and sophisticated piece of furniture, doubling as a sofa and a bed. Upholstered with soft and luxurious velvet, this fold-away bed is the essence of comfort and decadence. 

Consider incorporating a fold-away bed into a well-used area of your home that can serve as a guest bedroom.

5. Hang Shelving on Available Walls

hang shelving on available walls to save space in bedroom

As mentioned, utilising whatever vertical space you have will help to provide a clutter-free bedroom and effectively optimise it for storage.

So, if you have any available wall space, hang floating shelves. If you have high ceilings, implement high shelves. 

The wall space between your head and the ceiling is generally unused, so utilise it! 

Make the most of your overbed space. Beautifully installed shelving will draw the eyes upwards, creating the illusion of a bigger room.

Use your shelves for books, clothes, toiletries, decorative items, and more. Consider adding baskets to keep your shelves organised and any clutter out of sight.

Cleverly hanging floating shelves at different levels will give you flexible storage while adding layers of aesthetic appeal to your bedroom.

6. Use Shallow Depth Furniture

use shallow depth furniture

When selecting furniture, opt for pieces with a shallow depth, helping to save floor space in your bedroom.

Hemming & Wills has a range of shallow-depth furniture, such as dressers, nightstands, or console tables that offer practical storage solutions without overwhelming the room. They can accommodatebelongings while maintaining a streamlined appearance, combining practicality and aesthetics.

A space-efficient piece of furniture like our shallow 6-drawer chest will enable you to store towels, bedding, clothes, shoes, and anything else you'd rather not be in view without compromising your bedroom floor space.

7. Put the Bed Under the Window

put the bed under the window

Maximising your bedroom space is not just about buying the right furniture but also how you arrange it.

If you can, position your bed beneath a window. This will optimise your bedroom by freeing up wall space for other necessary furniture.

Additionally, a well-crafted bed can draw your attention to your window, amplifying the views outside.

Our Oku Oak Bed Frame has a low headboard, making it perfect to be positioned beneath a window since it won’t hinder daylight. The slats on the headboard will also enable natural light to filter through, further opening the space in your bedroom.

This bed incorporates contemporary Scandinavian styles with practical Japanese aesthetics, which works beautifully with the open oak wardrobe mentioned earlier in this blog.

Implementing our space-saving ideas for small bedrooms will help you optimise storage effectively and create a sleek and comfortable sanctuary. 

Hemming & Wills sells a wide range of reclaimed and sustainable furniture, making it easy to utilise our bedroom space-saving ideas while reducing environmental impact.


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