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September 26, 2023 5 min read

The chilled vibes that boho interior design brings to a space appeal to creative souls, making it popular among homeowners wishing to express themselves. 

As well as being fun and passionate, the boho look is easily customisable, so you can turn your home into a reflection of yourself by following our simple tips on boho interior design.

What is Boho Design?

what is boho design

Derived from the word ‘bohemian’, boho interior design began in the 19th century in Paris, France. It was a style inspired by travellers, artists, writers, performers, and anyone who embraced the unconventional. 

During the 1960s, the boho look was revived, particularly in the UK and US, since the vibrant colours, unorthodox styles, and relaxed vibes attracted hippies and those who valued creativity over money.

Today, free-spirited and imaginative individuals covet bohemian interior design. 

The boho style merges cultures, incorporating different items from around the world, reminiscent of nomads and not setting down roots in a fixed place. 

Additionally, while the boho design enables liberty, it has several other key characteristics.

For example, a boho room embodies vibrant jewel colours and neutral earthy tones. It blends natural textures with eclectic patterns, steering away from modern and minimalist decor. 

If you are artistic, adventurous, and free-spirited, and want to mirror this in your home, then the boho look is for you.

Continue reading to discover how to layer colours, textures, and patterns while incorporating different cultures and natural materials.

Adding Boho Interior Design to Your Home

1. Incorporate Different Colours and Patterns

boho colours and patterns

To achieve an instant boho vibe in your home, incorporate a range of deep, jewel colours, not just one! Think fiery oranges, rich purples, deep greens, and vibrant teals for your upholstery, rugs, throws, cushions, and accessories. 

But don’t completely shy away from white! 

A white-painted wall enables your boho furniture and accessories to breathe, emphasising their patterns and colours. Other neutral colours, such as beige and pale grey, also work.

Go for light and bright wooden furniture instead of dark, heavy colours. So pick bookcases, cabinets, and sideboards in bleached or honey-coloured woods.

When it comes to patterns, opt for an eclectic mix, revolving around nature, humanity, organic elements, and different cultures. Combine striking patterns with subtle ones, placing bold designs next to more understated pieces to create a good balance.

2. Consider Layering Textures and Fabrics

boho textures and fabrics

You can typically identify a boho room because of the layers of different textures and fabrics incorporated into the space.

Layering silk, wool, and linen will add a touch of decadence to your home while also bringing comfort. Remember, boho chic interior design is still about creating a chilled vibe!

Criss-crossing rugs are an effective way to layer patterns and textiles. Plus, it delivers another touch of cosiness!

Layer a brightly dyed Persian rug with a more classic vintage runner or natural jute mat. You can also overlap rugs with similar colours so that some fluidity is present within the styling.

3. Mix and Match Your Furniture

mix and match furniture boho design

As mentioned, incorporate patterns from different cultures to achieve a bohemian home. For example, mix your space with elements of Indian and African designs to give a sense of exoticism.

Don’t stop there – mix and match your furniture, too!

Wicker chairs are a must-have for boho lovers, as are wooden stools and beanbags. 

When selecting boho bedroom furniture, your wardrobe doesn’t have to match your bed or side table. Think outside the box. A brightly painted yellow wardrobe can look especially hip next to a wooden bed frame.

Don't be afraid to choose well-loved materials. Adding recycled pieces is essential to remain in touch with the planet and reduce environmental impact. Plus, the boho aesthetic is very much about nature!

It’s also about bringing in rustic and organic elements.

Pick coffee tables, bookcases, and TV stands made from natural materials like wood or, even better, reclaimed wood.

For example, a table made from planks once in a barn will add character and a unique appeal to your home.

Additionally, items from different cultures will emphasise that well-travelled look you want to achieve, which is a prominent statement of boho interior design.

4. Utilise Throws and Cushions

throws and cushions in boho design

A boho home isn't complete without throws and cushions. They emphasise laidback living but with style.

They also offer you another opportunity to layer different textures, patterns, and colours. Remember, your pieces don’t have to match - in fact, they shouldn’t!

Choose a throw with warm earthy tones like deep orange, forest green, and terracotta, then scatter electric blue-coloured cushions on top to create a bold and striking statement. 

Acquire organic throws, ones made from wool or any other natural materials, to ensure you're remaining green and reducing your carbon footprint.

Throws and cushions draped and scattered in various areas of your living room will create cosy nooks for you and your guests to relax.

5. Add Plenty of Plants

boho interior design and plants

Since the bohemian style concerns natural materials and earth elements, you must fill your boho home with plenty of plants.

Create a dreamy and calm boho atmosphere by incorporating various plants at different levels. 

Position a potted plant by an armchair. Hang trailing plants in your window. Place a selection of cactuses along your windowsill or bookcase. Use a large plant, such as a bamboo plant, as a focal point. 

An assortment of greenery will enhance the overall appearance of your home, bringing colour and natural movement to a space.

Think about incorporating plant pots of different colours and textures, i.e., wicker or clay.

Not only will plants inject the right energy into your home, helping to create relaxing vibes, but they will also boost your mood and creativity levels.

Now you know how to furnish your home to align with your bohemian lifestyle.  

If you’re looking for affordable boho furniture, consider our favourites at Hemming & Wills.

The Best Boho Furniture Pieces

Rattan Collection Chair

boho rattan chair

Need a chair for your bohemian dining room or living room? Then consider our rattan collection chairs, which will deliver natural charm and comfort.

  • Black metal legs.
  • Light-coloured rattan.
  • Vintage and contemporary twist.
  • Dining chair or tub chair.

Aztec Storage Table

aztec storage table

Nothing is more essential to a home than a clever piece of furniture with multiple uses, particularly if it doubles as additional storage space.

Our Aztec storage table acts as a stylish coffee or lamp table while providing space to store items, such as throws. The table with the gold basket and oak lid suits a boho living room or bedroom.

  • Comes in two colour variations (oak/gold and white/black).
  • Comes in two sizes (small and large).

Wool Herringbone Throw

boho herringbone throw

As mentioned, throws made of natural materials bring comfort and eco-friendly style to any home and significantly enhance a space that is boho inspired.

Our wool herringbone throw looks understated yet elegant draped across an armchair or sofa, providing neutral surfaces for your jewel-coloured cushions to shine.

  • Comes in four colours (blush, duck egg, grey, and taupe).
  • 100% wool.

Whether you're looking for boho furniture for your living room, dining room, or bedroom, Hemming & Wills has various reclaimed boho furniture to enhance your home!

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