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August 01, 2023 6 min read

Decorating your home can be exciting, but you must ensure you do it right and have no regrets when you finish. This doesn’t just mean choosing the right colour for the walls and ceiling. It also means coordinating your floors and furniture.

Laminate floors have become a popular option, with variations including LVT, vinyl flooring and floating laminate floors, to name a few. It offers a cheaper alternative to real wood, but you still need to pay attention to how you use it in your home.

Even if you’ve found your favourite reclaimed wooden furniture and its ideal location in your living room, the wrong laminate floor can clash with the wood and make the room much less aesthetically pleasing.

But what colour of laminate flooring goes with oak furniture? How can you ensure you have the right furniture to match?

This blog explores how to find complementary flooring and furniture to create the perfect effect in your home without damaging your surfaces.

Considerations When Buying Oak Furniture For Laminate Flooring

Solid oak media table on a laminate floor in the living room

When furnishing your living room, it’s essential to consider the furniture’s compatibility with your laminate flooring. Choosing the right pieces that complement and protect your laminate floors can significantly affect your space’s overall look.

First and foremost, the quality of your laminate flooring is crucial. Ensure your flooring is sturdy and durable enough to withstand the weight of oak furniture. Low-quality or poorly installed laminate may warp or dent under pressure, compromising its longevity. Opt for thicker, high-density laminate with excellent wear resistance for optimal durability.

The undertones in your laminate flooring can also help you determine the ideal finishes and colours for your oak furniture. These undertones can be cool or warm and impact the room’s ambience.

For example, if your flooring has warm undertones like a walnut floor, consider warmer hues for your furniture, such as orange, yellow and honey.

In contrast, cooler undertones better suit cooler-shaded furniture. These colours can include grey or white-washed options.

Also, coordinate or match the grade of both kinds of wood. The grade refers to the number of surface markings, such as knots, the wood contains. For example, rustic-grade wood has more knots than prime-grade wood. Matching or coordinating grain patterns can create a seamless flow in your home.

Which Oak Furniture and Flooring Combinations Work Together?

Solid oak lamp table on a laminate floor in the living room

As mentioned above, choosing furniture that matches the undertones of your flooring helps to harmonise your living room. For example, pair grey laminate flooring with oak furniture holding a similar cool tone, such as green or blue.

However, you don’t have to use only one shade within a space. You can contrast these hues to create a cohesive look and avoid monotony in a room.

If you have elegant dark floors, lighter furniture brings balance. Beautifully light laminate is ideal for darker furniture like mahogany chairs or tables. However, limit the number of wood finish variations in a room, as too many can overwhelm the area.


Matching Herringbone Laminate Effect Flooring To Oak Furniture

Herringbone Laminate floor

Herringbone laminate flooring is a simple way to achieve your living room’s craved chevron flooring pattern. It is easier and cheaper to implement in your home than the traditional wooden alternative.

Typically, this flooring style comes in various colours and shades, such as black, white, grey or natural oak. Herringbone laminate can also mimic stone materials.

Numerous pieces of furniture complement herringbone flooring, including a White Oak Burlington TV Unit or a White Oak Burlington Lamp Table

By choosing the best shades for your laminate flooring, your living room can benefit from the cohesive nature of the herringbone style’s intricate patterns and the elegant timelessness of your oak furniture.


Our Top 5 Oak Furniture Pieces For Laminate Flooring

1) Aztec Storage Table

 Aztec storage table

The Aztec Storage Table offers a stylish solution for those wanting more storage. Its removable top creates the perfect toy box for young children or space for adults, decluttering your living room and creating an organised, optimised room to live in.

This table style is ideal for laminate flooring. Its curved bottom reduces the likelihood of floor damage, maintaining the luxurious effects of your living room. It is available in two sizes and colours, including gold-painted metal with an oak wood top, allowing you to find the one that suits your living room. 

Whether you use it as a coffee or lamp table, this stunning option matches various laminate flooring shades, making this product a fantastic addition to your home.


2) Oku Oak Coffee Table

Solid oak coffee table on a laminate floor

With its stunning Japandi design, the Oku Oak Coffee Table is made from solid oak, oak veneers and steel legs, providing neutral tones and elegance.

The clean lines, slatted details and texture make this table a beautiful addition whilst offering practicality within your living room.

Choosing oak furniture with a lighter weight is crucial to avoid potential damage to the laminate flooring. Incorrectly moving heavy furniture can cause scratches, dents, cracks and chips in the laminate, so the light weight of this coffee table makes it the perfect choice for this flooring style.


3) Islington Solid Wood TV Unit

Solid oak Islington TV unit

This Solid Wood TV Unit is an excellent option for people wanting industrial charm in their homes. The combination of contemporary and classic introduces a beautiful focal point for your living room, and the shelves and doors provide fantastic storage solutions for a busy household.

To protect your living room, invest in furniture that prioritises floor protection. The unit’s sturdy steel legs join together through a foot spanning the length of the unit, which minimises the risk of the product marking your laminate flooring. This feature supports the longevity of your floors, making it ideal for a cosy home.


4) Deco Occasional Table

Deco Occasional Table

Hemming and Wills’ Deco Oak Occasional Table stands on gold hairpin legs with a painted faux marble or oak effect top. We offer three styles, enabling you to find the one that suits your living room. 

Hairpin legs are round, making them less likely to damage your laminate floors. However, you can also use rubber floor protectors, which attach to the bottom of the table leg and offer a barrier between the leg and the floor. They reduce the risk of scratches and marks and provide a better grip when using the table on slippery surfaces.

The occasional table provides aesthetically pleasing furnishing that remains functional and versatile, a great addition to any room.


5) Oku Oak 2-Door Cocktail Cabinet

Solid oak cocktail cabinet

As another product in the Japandi fashion, the Oak Cocktail Cabinet combines the inventive Japanese design with the contemporary Scandinavian style. The protective feet cushion the cabinet’s weight, saving your laminate flooring from dents and scratches. 

Floor protection is vital in areas with high foot traffic, such as living rooms, making this the ideal addition to your living room whilst maintaining the quality of your floors.

While primarily associated with alcohol storage, this high-quality cabinet also offers homes for various items, allowing you to repurpose it to suit your family’s needs.


Oak Furniture and Laminate Flooring Aftercare Suggestions

Laminate flooring with oak furniture needs the correct aftercare solutions to maintain the quality of all involved products.

  • Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight, as this can cause fading. Shaded areas will help maintain your chosen colour and finish.
  • If anything spills, clear them up quickly to reduce the chance of lasting damage. Dust regularly to remove dirt, and clean your furniture and floors with water and warm soap or another gentle cleaning solution. This helps keep your home pristine without harming the wood with chemicals.
  • Temperature can also impact the wood in your furniture, with fluctuations causing splits and warps. Maintain a stable environment in your home so your floor and furniture can acclimatise to it and lessen the likelihood of damage.

After reading this blog, you should understand the best oak furniture for your laminate flooring to create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look in your home and how to care for the various elements within your living room.

Hemming and Wills offers a range of oak furniture to support you as you furnish your home, office or other building types. View all our furniture to find out how we can provide beautiful items for your home whilst protecting your stunning floors.


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