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December 19, 2023 5 min read

Are you considering acquiring a dining table but need help determining the most suitable shape: a rectangle or a round dining table?

Rectangle and round dining tables are popular choices, and both have their benefits; however, your home's layout, design, and specific needs will determine which type will suit you best.

In this blog, we cover the pros and cons of round and rectangle tables, helping you to decide which is right for you.

Things to Consider When Picking a Dining Table

1. Style

style of dining table

When selecting a dining table, align your choice with the overall aesthetics of your room. 

Consider the prevalent interior design trends – whether you're captivated by the eclectic charm of boho or the minimalistic allure of Japandi. Your dining table is pivotal in defining the ambience, acting as a visual anchor that ties the room together.

With their harmonious shape, circular tables excel at creating a cohesive atmosphere. They radiate an inviting energy, fostering an intimate setting conducive to shared meals and conversation. 

In contrast, rectangular tables exude a sense of grandeur and formality, making them ideal for more elegant dining spaces. A rectangular table might be the perfect fit if you aspire to cultivate an atmosphere that leans towards sophistication rather than a kitchen-style informality.

2. Room Space

The spatial dynamics of your dining area should be a crucial factor when choosing dining sets

By virtue of their linear design, rectangular tables tend to occupy less floor space than their circular counterparts. This feature becomes particularly advantageous in smaller rooms where optimising every inch is essential. 

Additionally, the sleek profile of rectangular tables allows them to be conveniently placed against a wall when not in use, offering a practical solution for maximising space efficiency.

Consider the frequency with which you envision utilising the dining table. A rectangular table might be the pragmatic choice if it's a central hub for daily family meals, offering both functionality and space conservation. 

On the other hand, if you anticipate occasional gatherings or prefer a more flexible arrangement, the versatility of a round table could be a compelling alternative.

3. Dining Room Shape

dining room shape

When selecting a dining table, it's essential to meticulously evaluate the shape of the room where it will reside. 

For rooms with intricate angles, tight corners, or curved walls, rectangular tables may pose a challenge as they demand a certain linearity in their placement. These tables flourish in spaces with straightforward geometries, allowing them to seamlessly integrate without clashing with the room's architectural intricacies.

Conversely, a round table appears inadequate in a generously proportioned, rectangular room, leaving spatial gaps that disrupt the harmonious balance. Therefore, a round table suits a room with irregular walls and angles.

4. Seating Capacity

Choosing a dining table involves considering seating dynamics. 

Round tables create an intimate setting, ideal for smaller groups or couples, while rectangular tables accommodate larger families or gatherings. 

However, while rectangular tables offer more initial seating space, round tables provide flexibility, allowing more accessible addition of extra seats when needed. 

If you have a large family or entertain often, a 10+ seater dining table set may be an ideal choice.

5. Leg Space

leg space of dining table

When choosing a dining table, consider your family size and the importance of legroom, especially for adults. 

With their centred leg design, round tables often provide more space and comfort compared to rectangular tables, making them an ideal choice for a relaxed dining experience.

6. Child Friendliness

Glass tables, while elegant, may pose challenges in a household with children. Maintaining cleanliness can be a constant struggle, and the inherent risks of shattered glass and sharp corners, particularly with rectangular tables, raise safety concerns. 

Opting for a hard-wearing alternative, such as a table crafted from robust materials like reclaimed wood, is a pragmatic solution when designing a family-friendly dining space.

This choice enhances durability against the inevitable bumps and spills of family life and mitigates potential hazards, ensuring a safer and more child-friendly dining environment.

7. Social Interaction

social interaction with dining table

When contemplating a dining table's social dynamics, shape and size play crucial roles.  

Larger round tables, while visually appealing, pose practical challenges. Reaching items at the centre becomes cumbersome, and the expansive surface may hinder effortless conversation due to increased distances between diners. 

Consider a round extendable dining table, enabling you to easily adapt for different occasions.

With their extended length, rectangular tables can accommodate more individuals, but this can come at the expense of intimacy. Participants seated at opposite ends may find it challenging to engage in seamless conversation.

8. Price

When choosing a dining table, prioritise quality over immediate cost savings. Opt for a reputable seller like Hemming & Wills, known for their experience and commitment to crafting durable pieces. 

Cutting back on cost may compromise the long-term durability of the table, making a slightly pricier option a more cost-efficient investment. 

Hemming & Wills's expertise ensures that your dining table becomes a lasting centrepiece, blending enduring style with functionality for years to come. Furthermore, Hemming & Wills offers various reclaimed wood dining tables, which are sustainable and extremely hard-wearing.

Best Round Dining Tables

Below is a selection of round tables that Hemming & Wills offers.

Westchester Collection - Reclaimed Wood Extending Round Dining Table

westchester round dining table

This round dining table set seats up to four people.

Features and benefits:

  • Chunky wooden base
  • Natural, solid timber table.
  • Reclaimed wood, including pinewood.
  • Evokes a contemporary, yet minimalist feel, but is designed with maximum support and longevity in mind.

Malmo Collection - Reclaimed Round Dining Table

malmo round dining table

Our 120cm round dining table is ideal for intimate or casual dining.

Features and benefits:

  • Reclaimed wood.
  • Metal industrial-style legs.
  • Crafted using traditional carpentry techniques.

Best Rectangle Dining Tables

Now, when it comes to rectangle tables, Hemming & Wills offers a variety to suit any home.

Bespoke Triangle Frame Reclaimed Dining Table

triangle frame dining table

This rectangular reclaimed dining table is perfect if you want to make a statement.

Features and benefits:

  • Reclaimed pine wood.
  • Industrial-style British steel legs.
  • Seating options range from four to fourteen.

Burlington White Oak Dining Table

burlington dining table

Our white oak rectangle dining table has cross-section legs, increasing room space and aesthetic appeal. 

Features and benefits:

  • Perfect for entertaining and large gatherings.
  • Pairs well with the Burlington sideboard.

Mango Wood 175cm Dining Table

maddison dining table

This 175 cm mango wood dining table is ideal for a Scandinavian or Japandi-style home, with its minimalist and functional design.

Features and benefits:

  • Sturdy legs.
  • Simple and elegant design.
  • Natural mango wood.

So, round vs rectangle dining table, which is better?Well, they both have pros and cons you should consider before choosing.

A dining table will always be a long-term investment, so picking the right one is essential. You must have a dining table that is functional for everyday use and entertaining but also suits your home's aesthetics.  

Whether you opt for a round or rectangular dining table, sustainable dining is predicted to be an ongoing trend. Therefore, consider eco-friendly; explore our reclaimed and sustainable furniture options at Hemming & Wills.


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