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November 28, 2023 3 min read

If you’re a self-proclaimed mixologist or love entertaining, particularly over the Christmas period, you may be in the market for a drinks storage solution.

Drinks storage is an excellent idea to keep your arrays of bottles, glassware, and other necessary items organised when hosting a cocktail party or Christmas gathering. 

Organisation is key to entertaining, especially if you want to serve your guests efficiently and in style.

Alcohol storage is also necessary if little ones are around and you wish to keep bottles and glassware safely out of the way. 

Beautifully crafted cabinets, sideboards, and bar carts can become eye-catching and permanent features of your home all year round. Since alcohol should be stored out of direct sunlight and at room temperature, a practical storage solution for your wine and spirits is always essential.

Continue reading to discover drink storage ideas, including ways to display your lush bottles and glasses, creating the right ambience when making cocktails or just a glass of lemonade!

1. Smithfield Mango Wood Sliding Door Drinks Cabinet

wooden drinks cabinet

Our rustic sliding door drinks cabinet is made from natural mango wood and brushed gunmetal. This charming piece will look great in any dining room, whether the theme is chic or industrial.

The sliding door on this alcohol cabinet makes it ideal for areas where space is limited.

If you're a wine lover, the wine display rack is perfect; you can stock up on your favourite reds to ensure you're prepared to serve only the best to your guests.

Furthermore, if you require more wine storage, there's plenty of space on the cabinet's countertop to add a freestanding wine rack. 

Alternatively, place a bar tray on the cabinet's surface to keep frequently used bottles, a crystal decanter, or an ice bucket.

2. Smithfield Mango Wood Wine Bottle Display Rack

floor standing wooden wine rack

If you’re after a unique look and want to make a bold statement to your guests, our wooden wine rack will surely tick both boxes. 

This wine rack, made from natural wood, will look superb in a kitchen or dining room, particularly if your home embraces the industrial or farmhouse style. Its quirky yet sleek design provides a fresh way to store wine and makes it a feature all year round.

When it comes to entertaining, you won't go short on drinks since this wine rack can store up to 16 bottles. This is certainly a piece that your guests will gravitate towards.

3. Oak 2 Door Cocktail Cabinet

2 door cocktail cabinet

Our two-door cocktail cabinet, made from solid oak and oak veneers, will suit your home if you’re all about sleek and minimalist designs.

From our Japandi range, this cocktail cabinet reflects contemporary Scandinavian design while using Japanese elements to ensure functionality.

Whether you use it as a liquor cabinet, cocktail cabinet, or something else entirely, the elegant slatted doors of this piece ensure your fragile items stay safe. Furthermore, you can keep bottles out of view when you're not entertaining, creating a feature for any time of day.

This Japandi-style cabinet would look great in a hallway if there is limited space in your dining room.

4. Burlington Collection White Oak Highboard

white oak highboard

If you’re after a durable alcohol cabinet that exudes style and sophistication, then our oak highboard is perfect.

This stunning piece has a retro design but a contemporary appearance, enabling it to complement any room, regardless of theme.

Again, this elegant cupboard is ideal for keeping glasses and bottles safe and out of view.

5. Williamsburg Collection Reclaimed Display Cabinet

reclaimed display cabinet

reclaimed wood display cabinet makes for an extravagant liquor cupboard, which goes well in dining and living rooms. 

Our reclaimed display cabinets are made from solid, reclaimed wood, each unique with its different knots and grains. Moreover, the ample storage space that both units provide will enable you to create a stunning alcohol display cabinet for your glassware, decanters, and array of liquors.

Whichever alcohol storage solution you choose, it will bring many benefits. 

A reclaimed drinks cabinet will make a statement to your guests, impressing them with your organisation and style. Remember, alcohol storage doesn’t have to be boring - it can look good, making it a stunning feature in your home. 

Lastly, as mentioned, if you have an effective place to store alcohol at home, it will help to prevent breakages and keep younger children safe. 

With so many sustainable options, you can reduce your carbon footprint while hosting in style. Explore our range of reclaimed and sustainable furniture today!

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