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August 09, 2023 8 min read

The ambience of your living room is crucial when decorating your home, and a rustic theme provides a fantastic living room aesthetic you can take advantage of. With its cosy atmosphere, rich warmth and natural appearance, this design style offers a beautiful environment to escape and relax.

But how do you achieve these results in your home?

Whether you live in a modern building or a cabin in the woods, the rustic look is ideal for any living room. Not only that, there are several ways to create this appearance, such as using a range of sustainable furniture and textures, to name a few.

If you’re a fan of the timeless farmhouse style or drawn to a mountain lodge’s rugged beauty, these tips can cater to your tastes and preferences.

1) Enhance A White, Blank Canvas

white blank walls in rustic living room

When creating a rustic escape in your living room, white walls might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, these blank canvases can be surprisingly versatile in setting the stage for a rustic-themed room.

The beauty of white walls lies in their ability to draw attention to rustic features and make them stand out. Combine your white room with various decorations and furniture to create a harmonious balance between rustic charm and a clean, airy feel.

Layer different textures and neutral colours into your living room to add warmth and avoid a clinical effect. Consider adding a reclaimed wood accent wall or exposed beams to make a rustic focal point, or adorn the space with cosy textiles like chunky knit throws and woven pillows.

2) Purchase Furniture Made With Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed rustic furniture

Reclaimed wooden furniture is manufactured from recycled timber and is the perfect addition to your home. From coffee tables to cabinets and everything in between, rustic living room furniture made out of reclaimed wood brings a worn appearance to complement your decorations.

Purchasing reclaimed furniture has various benefits, such as the timber being more durable than new-growth wood. These additions to your home add a unique aspect to your interior design. The history and imperfections of the reclaimed wood reflect in the furniture, offering character to your rustic retreat.

Hemming and Wills have numerous options available if you wish to purchase reclaimed and sustainable furniture for your home. Our sustainable products are high-quality and made to last, making them the perfect choice for your rustic living room.

3) Consider A Brown Colour Scheme

use a brown colour scheme in rustic living room

For those wanting a woodland or countryside ambience in their home, a brown colour scheme is a great way to achieve this. Colours can set the tone of a room, and brown is the ideal colour scheme to incorporate for a rural atmosphere.

You can weave these earthy tones into your living room in many ways. Start by selecting furniture pieces with rich brown finishes, such as a sturdy wooden coffee table or a distressed leather armchair. These elements will anchor the rustic theme and add elegance. 

Introduce soft textiles in shades of brown, like cosy blankets, plush cushions, or a textured area rug, to enhance the warmth and comfort of the space. Additionally, consider adding ceramic or wooden accents in various shades of brown, such as vases or decorative bowls, to bring natural elements indoors.

To create a cohesive rustic look, here at Hemming and Wills we have an array of products to suit your brown colour scheme and bring that natural essence into your home.

4) Combine Rustic with Modern Furniture

combine rustic and modern furniture

Having the rustic aesthetic in your living room doesn’t mean you must forgo anything contemporary. Modern furnishings can enhance the rustic feel by juxtaposing the styles, adding depth and character to your space.

The contrast between the clean lines of modern furniture and the raw textures of rustic pieces creates a visually appealing balance. For example, imagine a sleek, modern sofa paired with a weathered wooden coffee table or a contemporary metal side chair alongside a vintage, distressed cabinet.

Natural does not have to mean old. You can find your favourite rustic oak furniture living room ideas that take advantage of the contemporary style.

With our Rustic Wood TV Unit and Rustic Wood Shelving Unit available in various finishes and natural colours, these modern options perfectly complement your living room to give that ideal rural feel.

5) Use An Outdoor-Indoor Approach

use an outdoor indoor approach rustic living room

Use an outdoor-indoor approach to transform your living room into a rustic escape that seamlessly blends with nature. Consider the surroundings of your living space and choose decor that complements your surrounding landscape outside.

The palette you choose for your room shouldn’t compete with the view you have. Instead, embrace natural colours, textures, and materials to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Opt for earthy tones like warm browns, deep greens, and soft neutrals to create a harmonious atmosphere.

For that rustic addition, explore our decor pieces inspired by nature, ideal to incorporate into the design to accentuate your rural oasis.

6) Create A Cosy Seating Area

cosy seating area in rustic living room

Creating a cosy seating area is essential when transforming your living room into a rustic escape. Comfortable seating options play a vital role in achieving the desired ambience.

Use rustic-inspired armchairs or loveseats upholstered in warm earth tones or natural fabrics like linen or leather. These choices not only provide a rustic charm but also offer a comfortable place to relax and unwind.

Consider our range of cosy armchairs, plush cushions and soft furnishings to elevate your comfort level. Their high-quality materials and rustic designs add luxury to your seating area, making it an inviting space to curl up with a book or enjoy a cup of tea.

7) Maximise Textures

maximise textures in rustic living room

Textures bring a room alive, adding a tactile element to a space. Combining raw wooden furniture with earthy textures like cotton and wool can bring warmth and cosiness to your living area. Embrace the charm of weathered wood and distressed finishes to add character to your furniture.

You can also incorporate soft furnishings to add texture. Blankets and throws are an easy way to revitalise your rustic-style living room and can come in numerous colours and textiles to match your style.

For example, this hand-crafted Cream Cable Knit Throw is a soft, chunky cable-knit design that adds comfort to your rural setting. It is the perfect addition to your cosy seating area and well-suited for cold nights by the fire.

8) Choose A Timber Clad Ceiling

timber clad ceiling rustic living room

Whilst timber panelled walls are popular to replicate that cabin look, you can also create the effect on your ceiling. This simple yet effective addition adds a touch of warmth and rustic charm to your space. 

The natural grain and texture of timber create a cosy atmosphere, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a country-inspired retreat within their home.

Consider incorporating elements like exposed brick walls or stone accents to coordinate your timber-clad ceiling with other materials and furniture. These natural textures complement the wood beautifully and enhance the overall rustic appeal. 

Choosing reclaimed wood or wrought iron furniture can enhance the cohesive aesthetic, accompanying the timber ceiling to create a peaceful, natural living room.

9) Pair Wood With Leather

wood and leather rustic living room

Pairing wood with leather is a timeless combination that instantly transforms your living room into a rustic escape. The wood’s warmth and earthy tones beautifully complement the leather’s rugged texture, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Leather accents, whether furniture or decorative items, add depth and character to the rustic aesthetic. For example, a rustic living room coffee table with a leather seating area introduces the charm you find in cottages, cabins and other rural settings.

Hemming & Wills offers a stunning collection for those seeking high-quality leather furniture, including the Harper Vintage Brown Leather Armchair. With its vintage leather seat and solid wood frame, this armchair brings a contemporary, classic style to your home.

10) Use Accents Of Country Patterns

country patterns in rustic living room

Embrace the timeless appeal of popular country patterns like plaid and tartan to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. You can incorporate these patterns through blankets, cushions, or curtains for an instant touch of countryside allure.

Patterns such as plaid and tartan have long associations with nature and the rustic aesthetic and can incorporate splashes of bold colour amongst a neutral scheme. These patterns are ideal for your living room through soft furnishings and feature items.

For example, our checked taupe fleece blanket comes in several colours, including blush, silver and duck egg, and offers a soft, cosy accent to your rustic escape.

11) Lay Wide Plank Flooring

wide plank flooring in rustic living room

One of the most transformative elements in creating a rustic escape within your living room is the installation of wide plank flooring. This classic design instantly brings a sense of warmth and charm reminiscent of a cosy country barn and introduces texture beneath your feet.

The wide planks showcase the natural beauty of the wood, including its grain patterns and knots. To achieve an authentic rustic look, selecting flooring that complements your living room’s overall design scheme is essential. 

Whether you opt for reclaimed hardwood or distressed engineered wood, the right choice of wide plank flooring will set the foundation for a truly inviting and rustic living space.

12) Consider Plant Pots

plant pots in rustic living room

When transforming your living room into a rustic escape, every detail matters, including the type of plant pots you choose. These small additions can significantly impact creating the desired effect.

A terracotta plant pot, for example, is an excellent choice for adding natural charm to your space. Placed on a side table or coffee table, a terracotta pot’s warm earthy tones and textured surface effortlessly blend with the rustic theme, evoking a sense of nostalgia and countryside aesthetics.

On the other hand, for those who favour more Scandinavian designs, woven baskets are a great way to house indoor plants. This natural and versatile option adds a touch of warmth and texture while embracing the minimalist and organic elements of a Scandinavian living room.

No matter your preference, there is the ideal plant pot style to fit with your dream rustic space.

13) Add Greenery To Your Living Room

greenery in rustic living room

After establishing the perfect plant pot for your living room, you can add greenery to complement the style and space. 

Plants bring a touch of nature indoors and enhance a rustic-designed room’s cosy and inviting ambience. When choosing plants for your living room, consider ferns, which perfectly suit the earthy tones and textures of rustic décor.

You can also choose plants with bright colours to create a stunning contrast against the dark woods and lighter hues commonly found in these interiors. Think about vibrant flowers or foliage that will stand out and add a refreshing burst of energy to the room.

Instead of scattering numerous small plants around the space, opt for one or two large ones that serve as focal points. This simple approach will highlight the organic forms of the plants and add a sense of elegance and balance to your rustic escape.

We have a range of rustic side tables ideal for housing and complementing your chosen plants.

Various ideas can give you a rustic living room, and finding the ones tailored to your tastes and needs is crucial when decorating your home. Find the best fit for you and use them to create your dream rural escape.

At Hemming and Wills, we have many decor pieces and furniture for your living room, including our sustainable collection. See how we can support your decorating journey today!

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