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January 09, 2024 6 min read

In the ever-evolving work landscape, more individuals are embracing hybrid or remote roles, making the need for an efficient home office space increasingly important. 

Creating a comfortable and functional workspace is key to productivity and job satisfaction. Central to this is choosing the suitable desk – a piece of furniture that complements your home and enhances your work experience.

Let’s explore some of the best home office desks that Hemming & Wills has to offer.

Williamsburg Reclaimed Wood Desk

williamsburg reclaimed wood desk

TheWilliamsburg reclaimed wood desk is more than just a workspace; it’s a statement of style and sustainability. This desk is designed for those who appreciate the beauty of vintage materials and the responsibility of eco-friendly living. Here are its compelling features:

Sustainable And Sturdy

Crafted from reclaimed wood, this home office desk is not only durable but also environmentally conscious. The use of repurposed wood means that each desk has a unique history, adding an authentic charm to your home office.

Spacious And Functional Design

With its generously sized surface, this desk offers plenty of room to spread out documents, laptops, and other work essentials. The two well-proportioned drawers provide convenient storage, keeping your workspace clutter-free and organised.

Ergonomic Comfort

One often overlooked aspect of a home office desk is the space beneath it. The Williamsburg desk offers ample legroom, allowing you to stretch out comfortably and maintain good posture during long work hours, which is essential for your physical health.

Durability Meets Style

The desk's wood is treated with a lacquered finish, providing extra protection against wear and tear and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Sleek And Timeless Design

The desk features clean, straight lines, a hallmark of classic design. This simplicity allows it to blend seamlessly with various interior styles, from contemporary to rustic.

Oslo Collection Reclaimed Wood Desk

oslo reclaimed wood desk

Thereclaimed wood desk from our Oslo collection blends rustic charm and modern design, making it a versatile and stylish addition to any home office. 

Here's a closer look at its features:

Versatile Aesthetic Appeal

This desk is designed to fit seamlessly into various interior styles. Whether your home office has a farmhouse chic look, a Scandinavian minimalist style, or a bohemian vibe, the Oslo desk complements it perfectly.

Eco-Friendly And Historically Rich 

Like the Williamsburg desk, the Oslo Collection desk is crafted from reclaimed wood. This ensures durability and brings a piece of history into your home.

Comfort and Functionality

Ample legroom under the desk is a key feature, providing comfort and promoting good posture during long work hours.

Robust And Durable

The addition of industrial iron accents not only adds to the desk’s aesthetic but also ensures its durability. These sturdy materials are built to last, making the Oslo desk a long-term investment.

Practical Storage Solutions

The desk features three spacious drawers, offering plenty of storage for your office supplies, documents, and tech gadgets.

Stylish Combinations

The Oslo desk is designed to be paired with other elements to enhance its look. For instance, placing a well-loved leather chair alongside it and incorporating copper and iron elements in your office decor can elevate the overall aesthetic of your workspace.

Large Desk Surface

The expansive surface area of the desk provides ample space for your computer, notebooks, and other essentials.

Scandi Ladder Desk

scandi ladder desk

TheScandi ladder desk is a unique and contemporary solution for those seeking a stylish yet space-efficient work area. Here are the detailed features that make it a great choice:

Space-Efficient Design

The Scandi ladder desk is ideal for those who need to maximise their space. Its vertical design takes up minimal floor space while providing ample work and storage area.

Stylish And Contemporary

With its sleek black painted elements and oiled wood, the desk exudes a contemporary vibe that’s both sophisticated and minimalistic.

Dual Functionality

The ladder desk isn’t just for work; it’s a multifunctional piece. The two upper shelves offer additional storage or display space for decorative items such as vases, plants, or pictures.

Ideal For Multi-Use Spaces

If your home office shares space with other functions, like a living room or bedroom, the Scandi ladder desk is an excellent choice.

Practical Workspace

The desk area is thoughtfully designed to accommodate your laptop, books, and other work essentials. Its ergonomic height ensures comfortable use.

Minimalist Yet Functional

The Scandi ladder desk’s minimalist design doesn’t compromise on functionality. It offers a practical workspace while keeping a clean and uncluttered look, essential for maintaining focus and productivity.

Dalston Workstation Desk

dalston workstation desk

TheDalston workstation desk is an exemplary choice for those requiring a blend of style and organisation. Ideal for business owners, freelancers, or anyone juggling multiple projects, this desk combines chic industrial aesthetics with practical functionality. Here are the features that make it stand out:

Chic Industrial Design

The Dalston workstation desk is a nod to industrial style with its black metal legs and oak-effect tabletop.

Ample Storage And Organisation

The desk features four shelves, providing extensive storage space for files, books, and other essential work materials.

Large Workspace

The expansive desk surface offers plenty of room for your computer, peripherals, and other work necessities.

Angled Shelving For Privacy

A unique feature of the Dalston desk is its angled shelving, which adds to the aesthetic and provides a degree of privacy.

Versatility In Placement

Due to its stylish design and practical layout, this desk can be placed anywhere in the home, not just in a designated office space.

Eye-Catching And Functional

Beyond its practical uses, the Dalston desk is an eye-catching piece of furniture. Its unique design and industrial elements make it a centrepiece in any room.

Ideal For A Range Of Uses

This desk is not just limited to traditional office work; it's versatile enough for creative projects and studying, and it can even be used as a space for hobbies that require organisation and ample surface area.

Hugo Desk

hugo desk

TheHugo desk is a testament to modern design and functionality. It’s the perfect option for those seeking a sleek, contemporary addition to their home office. 

Let’s pick out some of its main features:

Contemporary And Sleek Design

The Hugo desk stands out with its high-gloss finish and chic charcoal colour. Its clean lines and minimalist design make it perfect for modern and art-deco-inspired interiors.

Versatile Functionality

One of the most appealing aspects of the Hugo desk is its versatility. It is an excellent choice for a home office and can seamlessly function as a multi-purpose piece in other areas of the home.

Compact And Space-Efficient

The Hugo desk is designed with space efficiency in mind. Its compact size ensures it fits well in smaller spaces or rooms serving multiple purposes.

Minimalist Storage

The desk includes a drawer, providing a discreet storage solution for your office essentials.

No Unnecessary Details

The Hugo desk’s design is focused on simplicity and functionality, avoiding any unnecessary finishes or accessories.

Smart And Professional Look

Its smart appearance not only enhances the aesthetic of your home office but also creates a professional backdrop for video calls and meetings, an important consideration in today’s remote working environment.

Hive Ladder Desk

hive ladder desk

Modern Ladder-Style Design

TheHive Ladder Desk boasts a chic and contemporary ladder-style storage design, blending beautifully with various interior styles.

Functional and Versatile

Crafted with three shelves and a desk area, the Hive Ladder Desk balances functionality and style, providing storage and display options for a streamlined workspace.

Stunning Wood Effect Finish

Finished in oak or black wood effect, the desk adds classic warmth and sleek sophistication to your home office, making it not just a workspace but a statement piece.

Ideal for Multi-Use Spaces

With its space-efficient design, the Hive Ladder Desk is perfect for shared spaces, taking up minimal floor space while offering ample storage and work area.

Create Simple Shelving or Display Areas

The three shelves provide a creative way to organise and display personal items, allowing you to personalise your workspace.

Overall, these desks for home office applications are not just furniture pieces but are the cornerstone of your workspace. Each offers something unique: sustainability, style, functionality, or all three. 

If these options haven't hit the mark, explore more at Hemming & Wills. You'll find the perfect desk for your home office in ourdesks collection.

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