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December 05, 2023 13 min read

The choice of furniture is crucial in creating a functional, sustainable and elegant living space. While reclaimed furniture may cost more than its newly manufactured counterparts, the investment offers high-quality craftsmanship and a durable aesthetic that doesn't fade with trends. Reclaimed furniture also brings character into your home and reduces your carbon footprint, supporting the environment.

However, choosing the correct furniture or rethinking your interior design is vital and not an easy task. So, how do you find the perfect additions to your home that meet your needs and suit your style? What do you need to know before purchasing your ideal pieces?

Thisreclaimed furniture guide will help you establish the best reclaimed and sustainable furniture and everything you need to consider to find the ideal additions for your home and preferences.

Define Your Furniture Needs

define your furniture needs

The first step in designing your living space is to define what furniture you need. It's not just about filling a space; it's about curating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that reflects your lifestyle.

Start by identifying the specific purpose of each piece. Whether it's a dining table hosting gatherings, a sofa encouraging relaxation, or a bookshelf decorated in books and trinkets, understanding each piece of reclaimed living room furniture is crucial.

Away from the living room, there are plenty of options for other areas of your home, including the bedroom and office. You can find the ideal selection to create that perfect atmosphere regardless of the room, from functional office furniture made from reclaimed wood to cosy reclaimed bedroom furniture, allowing you to combine sustainability and style no matter the location.

Functionality is also essential. Consider the practical aspects of each item — does your dining table need extra storage for those fancy dinner sets? Does your sofa require additional seating capacity for movie nights with friends? By addressing the functionality, you ensure each piece looks good and serves a purpose in your daily life.

However, you must remember that measurements matter. Take accurate measurements of the room where you want the furniture. This step prevents a cluttered or overly sparse aesthetic when you finish adding everything you need, allowing you to optimise the space best. For example, a sofa can look fantastic in-store or in a friend's home but may be too large to fit in your more restricted space.

Don't stop at room measurements; factor in the dimensions of doorways, hallways, and any potential constraints. The last thing you want is a stunning piece that refuses to fit through the front door.

Additionally, consider finding adaptable options. Assess whether the furniture can evolve with your changing needs or spaces. For example, you can use dining tables that extend for festive occasions and modular sofas you can rearrange to suit your evolving preferences. This forethought means you can alter your furniture to suit your changing needs and won't have to replace furniture that is still stylish and functional.

Moreover, find versatile pieces to make the most of your space. Consider furniture you can use in various ways, such as a coffee table doubling as a storage unit or a bookshelf you can use as a room divider. This versatility primarily benefits smaller homes or those struggling with storage, providing more solutions within the limited space.

Consider Your Interior Design Style

consider your interior design style

Defining the style or theme of your living space is an essential part of selecting reclaimed furniture that resonates with your aesthetic preferences. Whether you lean towards the sleek lines of modern design, the warm charm of rustic elements, or the timelessness of vintage pieces, your choice sets the tone for your entire home. You should reflect this choice in your furniture and the surrounding decor.

Consider the aesthetic appeal of reclaimed furniture and how it aligns with your design preferences. The unique textures, patinas, and histories in reclaimed wood add a layer of character that is hard to replicate, so find the one that suits your tastes. To ensure your furniture blends with the room, consider factors, including the colours of the walls and floors, before purchasing additional pieces.

Explore trending design styles to find one that fits your preferences. For example, the boho interior design has surged in popularity with its eclectic mix of patterns, colours and textures. Decide whether this vibrant and free-spirited trend resonates with your vision and how to integrate reclaimed furniture to enhance the bohemian aesthetic.

If the boho theme doesn't match your preferences, rustic and shabby chic styles have an enduring charm that blends with reclaimed furniture. The weathered look and distressed finishes add a cosy, lived-in feel to your space.

The sustainable chic trend is another option, encouraging eco-conscious design choices. Reclaimed furniture, by nature, aligns with this idea. It reuses old materials and reduces the demand for new resources, making it a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice when refurnishing your home.

Source of Wood

think about the source of wood

Selecting a suitable material for your home is a pivotal decision for reclaimed furniture. The different types of wood impact your chosen pieces' aesthetics, durability and longevity, so understanding the differences is vital.

Reclaimed furniture often features a variety of wood types, each with unique characteristics. The choices are diverse, including but not limited to the timeless beauty of the oak. Consider the aesthetic appeal of these woods and how they would look with your interior design. Whether you want pine's rustic charm or wood with a warmer hue, your selection should resonate with the ambience you wish to create.

Some of the most common types of reclaimed wood include the following:

  • Cedar
  • Fir
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Teak

The durability of reclaimed materials is a crucial aspect to assess. Look for wear and tear signs, highlighting the wood's history before becoming part of your home. This wear, when skillfully integrated, can enhance the character of the furniture.

You should also scrutinise the overall quality of craftsmanship. Look for details beyond the surface—seamless joints, impeccable finishes, and a genuine dedication to preserving the integrity of the reclaimed wood. 

Explore the origins of the reclaimed wood to add depth to your understanding of its journey. Whether sourced from centuries-old barns, abandoned warehouses, or industrial structures, the history embedded in each piece contributes to its unique charm. This connection to the past adds a narrative to your furniture and aligns with the sustainability ethos of repurposing existing materials.

Frequent sources of reclaimed wood include the following:

  • Wine casts
  • Warehouses
  • Stock farms
  • Retired ships
  • Pallets
  • Old barns
  • Factories

Confirming the sustainability of reclaimed materials is also a critical consideration. If you want sustainable furniture, Hemming & Wills offers many eco-friendly options, ensuring you receive products that contribute to a more sustainable and eco-conscious future whilst adding a sophisticated touch to your home.


budget for reclaimed furniture

Setting a realistic budget is vital when choosing and purchasing furniture. Reclaimed pieces, with their inherent charm and eco-friendly appeal, may seem like a significant investment, but understanding the value it brings to your space is essential.

Begin by defining a budget aligning with your furniture needs and financial situation. Consider the long-term impact of your purchase, as reclaimed furniture is a durable, eco-friendly piece that can last for years, meaning you won't have to pay for a replacement soon. Try and stick with this budget when choosing your furniture.

The cost-effectiveness of reclaimed pieces compared to new alternatives is crucial to consider. While the initial investment might differ, the longevity and durability of reclaimed pieces often surpass their newly manufactured counterparts. This value can make reclaimed pieces, though initially more expensive, a fantastic option long-term for your home.

Remember, finding furniture within your budget doesn't mean compromising on quality. Hemming & Wills provides long-lasting, durable furniture with a greater value for our customers than the cost. Our pieces are made from high-quality, natural materials so that you can get the most from your money, and every model is sure to meet our high standards.

Online Quality Check

online reclaimed furniture quality check

Finding reclaimed furniture involves more than just browsing through images and descriptions online. It requires an online quality check to ensure every piece resonates with your values and expectations and you know everything you need about your purchase.

Start by exploring the history and source of the reclaimed materials. Understanding the origins of the wood used for the furniture adds authenticity and provides insight into the sustainability practices employed.

Researching the seller is crucial in guaranteeing the reclaimed furniture's authenticity and reliability. Assess the reputation of the seller and look for reviews from previous customers. This research defines the company's values and shows the passion and dedication invested in every piece of reclaimed furniture, helping you trust their services and feel confident with your purchase.

Find the story behind the business itself. What drives the company's commitment to sustainability? How do they ensure the quality and authenticity of their reclaimed materials?

For Hemming & Wills, we began when our founder couldn't find distinctive, quality furniture, so he combined his passion for home interiors with his experience in customer service and e-commerce. We focus on the customer-centred approach and always want to do more to support the environment, looking for more environmentally friendly and sustainable options to offer our customers.

Size and Proportion

size of reclaimed furniture

Don't just consider the aesthetics of yourreclaimed wood furniture. You must also evaluate the size and proportions to create a harmonious living environment within your designated space.

Start by contemplating how much of something you genuinely need. Is a single bench and chair sufficient, or should you explore a cohesive set with multiple chairs? Think about your room's intended function and spatial constraints - there's no point in buying furniture if it won't fit or appears too small.

For those expecting frequent guests, dining table sets become essential. The dining room is a focal point for various events, including shared meals, exciting conversations, and creating lasting memories for families and friends. Consider the size of your family and the frequency of entertaining visitors within your home.

For example, a large dining table set is ideal for larger gatherings of 6-10 people, whereas a small dining table set better suits more intimate get-togethers for up to four people. You can also find extendable alternatives to take advantage of both situations, such as if you only need a larger table on special occasions. One of these reclaimed dining table sets from Hemming & Wills serves a practical purpose and adds an element of timeless elegance to your dining area.

In assessing your needs, contemplate the requirements of a large family or frequent entertainers if required. The size of your reclaimed furniture should cater to these scenarios where appropriate, ensuring everyone has a comfortable seat at the table.


reclaimed furniture maintenance

Ensuring the longevity and enduring beauty of your reclaimed furniture involves a thoughtful approach to maintenance. To keep your reclaimed furniture both functional and aesthetically pleasing, start with the specific care requirements of the materials used. Whether it's oak, teak, or pine, familiarise yourself with the characteristics and recommended care practices for the wood in your furniture so you don't cause accidental damage to the finish or materials.

Consider a reclaimed furniture aftercare pack to help with the maintenance routine of your furniture. Our offered effective aftercare solutions are designed to protect the wood. We strongly recommend you don't use household cleaners on our furniture due to the wear they can cause, such as removing the patina or damaging porous wood.

Regular maintenance is the key to preserving the integrity of reclaimed materials. Dust with a soft bristle brush or cloth and avoid harsh cleaning agents like ammonia for the best results.

Be aware that various factors can damage the wood, such as moisture, direct sunlight exposure and fluctuating temperatures.

Bespoke Options

bespoke reclaimed furniture options

For those wanting to bring a unique quality to their home, bespoke pieces of reclaimed furniture offer a personalised touch that resonates with your style and needs. There are many factors to consider when finding your bespoke piece to ensure you gain your ideal design.

Assess your space and personal preferences – do you need a piece tailored to your requirements? Do you need a specific size to accommodate your guests or a distinct varnish to complement your decor? Bespoke options allow you to create pieces that perfectly suit your lifestyle and design without compromising quality. 

For example, we have many custom options you can choose from, including our bespoke dining tables. Our dining tables are made from reclaimed and FSC-certified rustic wood to maintain our goal for eco-friendly practices, and we manufacture each piece to meet your specifications, allowing you to create your dream table for your dining room.

Handmade and unique, each piece from Hemming & Wills possesses distinct characteristics that set it apart. Our skilled manufacturers use their expertise to make your sustainable, reclaimed furniture the way you want, providing distinctive pieces that enhance your home.

Shipping and Returns

shipping and delivery

When choosing reclaimed furniture, you shouldn't just look at the piece. You should also consider the logistics of shipping and returns, especially if you set your heart on a piece located further away. For example, some businesses only deliver to specific locations, or there may be an additional charge. 

You should also consider shipping costs and delivery times when determining which furniture to buy. These times and costs are particularly significant if you need your furniture for a specific date or occasion, such as before Christmas, as you must know if your piece will arrive in time. Ensure the shipping costs also fit within your budget.

For Hemming & Wills, we use our shipping as another way to help the environment. Sometimes, we dispatch our furniture to you directly from our suppliers, which reduces mileage, delivery times and packaging. Delivery times can vary depending on the product you order, so check the Delivery selection on the relevant product page for this information before purchasing. We will contact you if you order larger items to arrange delivery dates and options. 

At the time of writing, standard UK Mainland shipping and delivery costs are free, and our standard delivery service includes a one-person service. We ask that you and another individual help our delivery drivers when you receive your furniture. Please let us know if you have any specific delivery requirements so we can try our best to accommodate your needs.

Furniture Assembly

furniture assembley

How you will assemble your furniture is another crucial factor when establishing which reclaimed furniture is right for you. The first thing to consider is who will be building the piece. Do you need someone to assemble the furniture for you, and does the furniture company offer assembly services? If not, do they provide the instructions or tools you need to do so? Does the product come pre-assembled?

Hemming & Wills offers optional assembly services for our bespoke indoor furniture, which you can find and select during checkout. This service includes two people arriving with your furniture to assemble it, so you don't need to. Our other furniture may come pre-assembled or require you to attach some parts, such as the legs. If this is the case, we will provide the relevant instructions for you to do so correctly.

Customer Reviews

customer reviews of reclaimed furniture

Reviews are readily available online for everything, from products to services and companies, and finding reviews for your furniture is a crucial part of the decision-making process. Not only does this ensure you purchase high-quality reclaimed furniture from a trusted source, but it also means your products align with your values and expectations upon arrival. If you can find reviews for your desired item, they are great insights to help you choose thebest reclaimed wood furniture for your home.

Checking online reviews provides real-world opinions concerning the quality of reclaimed furniture and the service offered by a company. This additional information helps you establish the product's quality from people who have that furniture from the business, the nature of the service provided and the customer satisfaction at the end of the process.

With this information, you can ensure you get the most for your money and find the furniture that best suits you and your needs without worrying about quality. You can also guarantee to purchase items from a trusted organisation prioritising customer service and fulfilment.

Payment Options

reclaimed furniture payment options

Have you considered the payment options you need to purchase your reclaimed furniture? Have you contemplated what you need to afford your ideal piece whilst remaining within your financial preferences? Choosing your reclaimed furniture is not just about finding the one that matches your interior decor; it's also about finding one that you can afford in a manner that suits your needs.

For example, some people prefer to pay for their furniture in one upfront payment. However, this is not always a possibility for people. Instead, some people use instalment plans to help you find the furniture you need while offering a more affordable solution for your finances. When purchasing reclaimed furniture, see the business offers a payment plan to suit your financial needs. 

One notable feature that sets Hemming & Wills apart is our commitment to offering an instalment plan, providing a financial option that suits the various budgets of our customers. We understand that investing in high-quality reclaimed furniture is a considered decision, and we designed our instalment plan to make this investment more accessible.

We work with Klarna, a Swedish payment service that has worked with over 200,000 online stores. Through this partnership, we offer a three interest-free instalment plan, allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase over three instalments, all equal in amounts. Upon order confirmation, you will pay the first instalment, whereas we will schedule the second one for 30 days later. The final payment is due 60 days after the initial Hemming & Wills confirmation. The Klarna app enables you to track your payment schedule, and it allows you to pay instalments early if you wish.

Be aware that to use our payment plan, you must be aged at least 18 years, and this instalment option is available for orders costing up to £1500. To use Klarna, you will need your email address, mobile phone number, current billing address and a credit or debit card. 

The three interest-free instalment plan with Klarna allows you to spread the cost of your reclaimed furniture over time without incurring additional charges. This approach enables you to buy quality furniture whilst remaining affordable for our customers, helping you furnish your home in a way that meets your financial needs.

Matching Furniture

matching reclaimed furniture

Once you find your perfect reclaimed furniture, think about what you need to make a cohesive home with your selected items. Matching furniture helps complement your chosen pieces, creating an elegant, harmonious living environment.

Start by examining if other pieces in-store will complement the furniture you're purchasing, such as dining benches to accompany the table or long sofas to fit with armchairs. This design may mean using the same wood type for your reclaimed furniture. 

This cohesive nature doesn't just apply to related furniture pieces. For example, does the reclaimed coffee table you want to buy harmonise with the design of the sustainable bookshelf? Don't overlook items that don't have a related function - you can find the perfect combinations with furniture with different roles within the home. 

Whether you want reclaimed items, bespoke home furniture or a combination of 

the two, you can achieve the perfect look for your house by finding matching furniture that promotes a relaxing atmosphere.

At Hemming & Wills, our thoughtfully curated collection offers a cohesive range of reclaimed tables and benches that effortlessly suit each other. Whether you envision a reclaimed dining table as the centrepiece of your home or a handcrafted bench to enhance your entryway, explore our selection to discover pieces that blend cohesively to create the perfect ambience.

We also offer our sustainable furniture collections, allowing you to find the perfect furniture combination for your home whilst supporting the environment with eco-friendly choices.

When selecting reclaimed furniture, you can find a unique array of colours, knots, and stories within the wood to provide a distinctive charm and character for your home. Make the most of these distinguishing features for a living space that encompasses your style and needs. After reading this blog, you should understand the different factors to consider when finding the perfect reclaimed additions for your living space and creating that perfect ambience in your home

Remember that quality is crucial when looking for those fantastic additions to your living space, so you should purchase your products from a company you trust. Here at Hemming & Wills, we focus on quality and ensure you get the value you deserve. Whether you want sustainable, reclaimed or bespoke solutions, we have various items available so you can find what you need, including office, bedroom and living room options.

Contact us today and see how we can help you furnish your home to meet your style and expectations.

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