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April 16, 2020 3 min read

Sustainable furniture is not just another passing trend

It’s much more important than that. Sustainable living has been sweeping the nation these past few years, and for good reason. We are all so much more aware of how our waste is negatively affecting the planet, and it's taken more than a few David Attenborough documentaries to get us there. But how have people been actively looking for ways to contribute to a more eco-friendly world? The obvious methods are the ones people usually start with: limiting how much plastic we use, reducing how much we throw away and choosing clothing made from better materials, but there are always things we can do to contribute to a better future for our world.

Sustainable lifestyle choices we make today will have a positive impact on the planet in years to come. But what is sustainable furniture specifically, and does buying it for your home actually make a difference?

Eco-friendly materials

It’s not just how we treat what’s outside that matters for the environment, but what we actually bring into our homes that makes a difference too: this includes furniture. The materials used in sustainable furniture make a big difference to the environmental impact of your purchase. Woods, metals, stone, bamboo - the list goes on, and sustainable materials don’t harm the environment through their production. Choosing materials that contain minimal harmful chemicals that could pollute the environment means less damage to the outside world and less damage to your own atmosphere at home. Another benefit to these materials is that they are very often recycled and reused to create the stunning furniture pieces. Our  reclaimed furniture collection is handmade in the heart of England using reclaimed pine wood and steel hand picked for quality, character and durability.

Where has the furniture come from?

As well as thinking about where the materials are sourced and the process of the manufacturing, it's also important to note that by choosing to invest in sustainable furniture, you are often choosing to support a business that cares. Buying from a business that values the same things that you do can be reassuring, and the more that people choose to buy from sustainable sources, the bigger impact those sources can have. 

Ever wondered how far your furniture has come from? Check out the website you're buying from. If they're sustainable, you'll be able to track your new purchase right back to its roots. Just another way that you can look out for the environment.


Quality lasts - and choosing sustainable furniture means that you are choosing a high quality product that will stand the test of time. One big problem with today’s fast-paced society is the waste that is often left behind. We can sometimes find ourselves choosing the easier option, the cheaper option, or the trendiest, only to find that we need to replace it, or it’s gone out of style, merely a moment down the line. Choosing sustainable furniture is choosing something that will be cheaper in the long run - investing in a quality item that will not need to be replaced every year. Our  reclaimed u-base bench is a great example - not only does it look stunning, but it is able to withstand everything from messy children’s dinners to busy dinner parties!

More ways to make a difference

Sustainable furniture is a big deal: from the way it is produced, to the materials used and the quality that lasts. But sustainability in the home doesn’t just stop there, and being eco-friendly isn’t limited to the kitchen. 

With soft furnishings and all the different types of home essentials, there really are plenty more ways that we can live a more sustainable life at home. As the world evolves and develops, we can always find new ways to live a little better and to be kind to the planet we’re lucky to call home.

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