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June 04, 2020 4 min read

 We all want to feel happy in our home. “Home is where the heart is,” is one of the most popular quotes of all time - and for good reason. When we have a happy home, we are contributing towards a happy heart too. Here at Hemming & Wills, ‘Happiness at Home’ is the vision and mission statement for everything we do. We choose to sell quality furniture as well as sustainable collections because we understand the importance of looking after the planet - happy homes support a happy planet! Below we look at just a few of the ways that you can use your furniture to promote happiness in your home.

Invest In Comfort.

This is not just your house - it is yourhome. It’s the place you come back to after a long day at the office, the four walls you wake up to get ready for your day and the space where family memories are shared and hobbies enjoyed. This is why transforming your home into a comforting place where you can relax and put your feet up is so important. To achieve that cosy haven, you should invest in quality furniture that is comfortable and that will stay comfortable. And this doesn’t mean just your sofas. A dining table is often the space where family life revolves, not only for meal times, but for homework, crafts and games too. Having comfortable dining chairs around the table will encourage your household to spend more time at it, and having a dedicated space for this - be it by the fire or with a garden view - will encourage this even further.

Pay attention to the overall seating arrangements in your home too. Place your furniture in a way that allows people to actually see one another clearly without ornaments blocking the view - any layout that encourages conversation and connection. Having a comfy, homely space like this will encourage people to open up, communicate, and enjoy each other’s company.

Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep.

Our bodies have a big role to play in our overall happiness and a key way to help is to get a good night’s sleep. But a good night’s sleep doesn’t just depend on the amount of hours you spend with your eyes shut. Ensuring comfort and relaxation will go a long way towards improving your sleep too. Not only should you invest in a comfortable mattress, you should choose a bed that brings you joy. Your goal is to feel at peace when you step into your bedroom. Discover the things that make you feel relaxed - be it candles, luxury cushions, beautiful canvases and incorporate them into your bedroom. Add some cosy throws, warm lighting and quality bed linen too.

A Place For Everything.

When your home is organised, your mind will be too, so ensuring that everything has a place in your home is of great importance. Get your hands on storage pieces that will make this easier for you. And when it comes to storage units - or even your seating - don’t feel the pressure to buy ‘the set’. Choose the pieces that you actually love and that will bring character into your home. Mismatched items can often bring a lot of personality and if you chose it, chances are you love looking at it, and having this in your home will contribute to your joy.

Choose Textiles That Make You Feel Good.

From the furniture to the cushions, your choice of textiles can contribute to your happiness, so choose the ones that make you feel good. It’s all about engaging the senses so think soft, smooth fabrics like velvet, or stone and timber which are lovely to touch. The use of colour is important. A splash of yellow can bring joy into the home while blush pink accents can feel more nurturing and can boost feelings of optimism. Shades of blue are proven to contribute to calmness.

Personalise Your Accessories.

When it comes to styling up a home that you and your guests will love, it’s the little added extras - the accessories and the wall fillers - that can really make or break a space. The key to happiness in this area is to get personal. The art, the photographs, the sentimental items you choose to display are what makes ityour home and are the beating heart that will be ever changing and updating. More than just a decoration, houseplants can really benefit your home and your health, purifying the air and helping reduce anxiety and stress. Place warm, ambient lamps and lighting around your home to create ambience in the evenings, and maximise the natural light that is let into your home during the day. A statement light feature can also add personality and conversation starters around your home too.


Here at Hemming & Wills, happiness at home is our speciality. Discover our range of furniture that has been designed specifically for this purpose - so that you can find the pieces you love to truly make your house a home.

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