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November 14, 2023 5 min read

As the festive season approaches, we all look forward to gathering around a beautifully adorned wooden dining table with loved ones. Creating an impressive Christmas dinner table setup is also part of the fun, a timeless tradition people partake in year after year.

Whether you are a homeowner, a renter, or simply seeking inspiration, this blog explores how to craft a table that will impress your guests. For our top tips and elegant ideas, read on to ensure your Christmas dining table becomes a centrepiece of the holiday festivities.

1. Purchase a Large Dining Table

purchase a large dining table for christmas

The first step in how to style a Christmas table is ensuring you have a dining table big enough for your guests; its size and space are crucial for an impressive table. Invest in a quality, extendable dining table, allowing you to adjust its size according to the number of guests. This flexibility ensures everyone has enough room, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Quality doesn't always mean exorbitant costs. Budget-friendly options that don't compromise style or functionality are available for those with money constraints. Look for tables made from durable materials designed to accommodate more people without overwhelming your dining space. A well-chosen, spacious dining table adds elegance to your home and makes your Christmas gatherings memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

If you are looking for bespoke dining tables for your Christmas dinner, Hemming & Wills has various options to suit you and your family. 2m long dining tables are also available to ensure you can host all your guests this Christmas.

2. Choose Your Colour Scheme

choose your colour scheme for christmas dinner table

Styling your Christmas table extends to carefully selecting a cohesive colour scheme, essential for creating an ambience that resonates with the festive spirit. Your chosen palette should harmonise with your existing décor while infusing the space with the warmth and joy of the season.

Consider classic holiday colours like deep reds, lush greens, and shimmering gold. These timeless options evoke tradition and lend a sense of grandeur to your table settings. Alternatively, explore contemporary shades like icy blues, elegant silvers, or rich burgundies for a modern twist. These trending colours can add a fresh and sophisticated touch to your festive setup. You can find a range of dining chairs in multiple colours to help coordinate your colour scheme in your dining room.

Blend the colours across table linens, dinnerware, and decorative elements to maintain balance. Incorporating elements like napkins, placemats, or centrepieces in varying shades within your chosen palette adds depth and visual interest.

3. Find an Impressive Centrepiece

christmas dinner table centrepiece

The centrepiece is an essential part of your Christmas table styling and helps to set the tone for your dining experience. A captivating centrepiece is the focal point, drawing guests in and sparking conversations.

Consider classic choices like floral arrangements adorned with seasonal blooms, such as poinsettias, holly, or elegant white lilies. The natural beauty of these arrangements captivates the eye and infuses the air with delightful fragrances. Alternatively, opt for the warm glow of candle displays, casting a soft, inviting light across your table. Experiment with various candle sizes and heights for added visual interest.

Explore themed decorations that reflect the season's spirit for a touch of whimsy. Think of miniature Christmas trees, festive ornaments, or a winter wonderland scene. Embrace your creativity by crafting your centrepiece; consider DIY projects or budget-friendly alternatives. With some imagination, you can repurpose glassware, pinecones, and fairy lights into enchanting displays.

4. Pick the Perfect Dinner Set

christmas dinner table set

The ideal dinnerware is paramount in elevating your festive dinner and establishing your Christmas table's style, as it adds sophistication to your dining room. Explore the various dinnerware styles, from timeless traditional sets with intricate patterns to sleek, contemporary alternatives exuding minimalist elegance.

Traditional sets with classic motifs evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm, ideal for those wanting a vintage aesthetic. On the other hand, modern sets, characterised by clean lines and subtle hues, offer a chic, understated appeal, perfect for a contemporary ambience.

Consider mixing and matching different styles to create a personalised, eclectic look. Pair traditional plates with modern, minimalist bowls, or combine vibrant patterns with solid-coloured pieces for a visually striking effect. Mixing textures, such as pairing glossy dinner plates with matte-finished salad plates, adds depth to your table setting.

When choosing your dinner set, consider the practical aspects, too. Opt for durable materials like porcelain or stoneware, which are elegant and resilient. By thoughtfully curating your dinnerware, you ensure a visually appealing table and a memorable dining experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

5. Set the Mood with Lighting

christmas dinner table lighting

Another Christmas dinner table idea is using the correct lighting. This technique makes your dining table a captivating and inviting space. Thoughtful illumination can enhance the ambience, elevating your festive gathering to a magical experience.

Christmas dinner table lighting can come in various forms, so you can find the ideal combination to suit your needs and style. Consider a mixture of soft candlelight, delicate fairy lights, and strategically placed ambient lighting to create a warm, intimate atmosphere.

Candlelight, with its flickering glow, adds a touch of romance and elegance. Opt for sturdy, decorative candle holders to ensure safety and sophistication. Intertwine fairy lights around your centrepiece or drape them across your table for a subtle, enchanting effect.

To avoid overpowering shadows, complement these with strategic ambient lighting. Overhead pendant lights or well-placed table lamps can create a harmonious balance, ensuring guests dine comfortably without harsh glares or dim corners.

Safety is paramount. Choose flameless candles for a worry-free option, especially if children or pets are present — utilise battery-operated fairy lights to prevent accidents and provide flexibility in their placement. By artfully incorporating lighting, your Christmas dining table will exude a welcoming glow, offering cherished moments and enthralling your guests with the atmosphere you've crafted.

6. Include Some Festive Decor

christmas festive decor

Infusing your table setting with elements of the holidays imparts a sense of celebration and captivates your guests, immersing them in the Christmas ambience.

Consider holiday-themed placemats with intricate designs or charming motifs, creating an instant festive allure. Delicate napkin rings featuring miniature wreaths, snowflakes, or even tiny ornaments add refinement to your tableware. Moreover, strategically place decorative ornaments amidst your table arrangement to reflect the shimmering lights and enhance the overall visual appeal.

Take advantage of the opportunity to add a personal touch to your Christmas dinner table décor. Incorporate family traditions or heirlooms, such as antique baubles, handmade crafts or soft furnishings, interweaving cherished memories into your festive tableau. These personal elements make your Christmas dining table reflect your family's unique warmth and traditions. Using these festive embellishments lets your table leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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