Reclaimed Furniture Helpful Information

The Colours

We find that photos are the best way to demonstrate the colours & finishes we offer for our reclaimed furniture.

Please see below for photos from recent customer orders of the different colours we have available and we’ve added a little more information about these below.

The photos are intended to serve as a guide. As reclaimed wood is a natural material which varies by batch, the appearance of the wood and exact colour/finish may vary from the photos shown. Lighting in the photos can also vary.

Rugger Brown is a medium oak colour
      Driftwood is a light oak/pine colour


        Walnut is a dark oak colour


          White Wash is a lighter, natural colour 


            Grey Wash is a darker stain with subtle hints of grey, which varies depending on lighting 


              The Finishes - Wax vs. Lacquer

              Whether you choose a Wax or Lacquer finish, the colour will be largely the same subject to some natural variance due to different batches of natural reclaimed wood as mentioned above.

              Reclaimed furniture with a wax finish may have have a smoother final finish whilst also preserving the natural features of the reclaimed wood. With a wax finish, aftercare will be required from time to time to help maintain the finish.

              With a lacquer finish, this is an invisible matt layer that adds extra durability and water resistance. The final finish will likely be more grainy and highlight the natural characteristics of the reclaimed wood. It can appear more a bit more rustic. It's typically a more robust finish, making it more durable against marking or staining and will also add more water resistance to the wood. Making it a great option if you expect a lot of staining or spillages and for use in bars, restaurants, offices and any other commercial use.

              The Frames

              The bases of the indoor tables are a natural gunmetal grey colour with welded sections around the joins/corners, to add further character. These can be coated black at an additional cost of approximately £85, depending on the quantity and size of your order. Other colours are also possible on a bespoke quote basis. 

              Reclaimed Wood

              Part of the charm of reclaimed wooden furniture, as a natural, living material, is that it develops over time. This means that surface changes may start to appear with the natural movement of the wood when it adjusts to a new environment. This can include surface cracks and spreading/movement, this is entirely normal.

              There are also likely to be imperfections in the wood, such as knots, holes, indentations and different grains and each piece of furniture will vary. If you prefer a less rustic finish, please state this in the order notes during checkout. 

              These distinctive qualities give reclaimed furniture a unique feel, as no two pieces will be exactly the same.

              More Information

              More details/photos about the colours and finishes can be found on the product pages of our website below the main product text, in 'THE FINISHES' section as shown below:


              We've put together helpful aftercare information for our reclaimed furniture on our FAQ page - see the Reclaimed Furniture section.

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