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April 28, 2022 4 min read

Written by: Tim C

Solid oak furniture with a modern twist: our new Islington Collection combines the classic with the contemporary and is perfect for injecting character and style into any room in your house - and we intend to prove it in this blog! 

If you are looking to redecorate a whole room or simply want to upgrade a specific piece of furniture then the Islington Collection is a great place to start. The timeless natural colours and textures of oak are incorporated with the industrial charm of steel to make an iconic collection of furniture that doesn’t compromise on quality or style. 

The Islington Collection combines modern design and traditional hard wearing materials to create a lived in natural feel that is both fresh and timeless. No matter the style of your interiors, the Islington Collection is sure to elevate your space. 

Check out our top picks below for each room in the house! 

Dining room

Our solid oak Islington dining table is sure to make an impression no matter who’s round for dinner. What better way to show off the natural textures and grains of the oak than on the uninterrupted surface area of a dining table (although you may want to use some stylish placemats). With plenty of space for the whole family and the durability to withstand the test of time, this dining table is likely to become a staple of your household. The central chevron shaped steel base is a striking feature in itself adding some dynamism to your dining room and it is also very practical. The steel base of this beautiful oak table not only makes it a worthy centrepiece of the room but also means that you can invite as many people as you want round for dinner without being hindered by table legs on table corners. 

solid oak wood table

Not only can you buy the table on its own but you also have the option to purchase it as a dining table set that includes our stylish Brooklyn dining chairs. The iconic solid oak Islington table deserves chairs that complete the look and enhance your space further. These beautiful Brooklyn dining chairs combine industrial style metal legs with soft faux leather to create durable, modern and stylish pieces that look perfect alongside the Islington dining table. Available in tan and charcoal grey and in a set of 8 or 10. 

Living Room 

Storage space is vital in living rooms to keep them clutter free and to provide a home to all random accessories that don’t have a place in other rooms. However, it can be hard to find a piece of furniture that provides an aesthetic element while also being functional. The Islington solid oak wide sideboard will supply you with a stylish place to organise your household without compromising on space. Shelves are functional but end up displaying your items for all to see and can eventually get overcrowded. There are always items that need storing in a more prominent space than under the stairs but don’t exactly belong on a shelf and this sideboard might just be the answer to your storage prayers. 

solid oak wide sideboard

The warm natural colours of the oak wood will bring life into your living room while maintaining a neutral palette that will compliment any colour scheme. The dynamic front of the sideboard makes the Islington a stand out piece that brings a designer feel to your living room in an understated manner.  With alternating levels of oak formed in a grid pattern, the sideboard cleverly disguises its storage function and emphasises the beautiful characteristics of the oak. Combining the rustic textures of the wood with the sturdy steel legs creates a modern feel and distinctly separates the sideboard from the floor meaning it is sure to catch attention no matter its surroundings. 


The Islington solid oak lamp table is the perfect bedside cabinet and will bring design led minimalism into your bedroom, making it the peaceful sanctuary it deserves to be. Whether it's the bed, the wardrobe or the draws, bedroom furniture dominates the space making it hard to fit extra pieces into your bedroom without it feeling crowded and overwhelmed. The Islington lamp table fits right beside any bed with its sleek and simple design that is both functional and stylish. Filling your space with its rustic character and modern style, this lamp table is a refined item consisting of two pieces of solid oak in a narrow steel frame. With space for your lamp, clock and phone, there’s even a second shelf for your other bedside bits and bobs. 

lamp table

This Islington table manages to let your room breathe and feel open while still standing out as a signature piece of furniture. This seemingly contradictory trait is achieved because the table takes up significant surface area while leaving plenty of negative space between the slim frame edges and oak tops. The rich textures and grains of the solid oak contrasts with the black steel frame to inject a natural yet contemporary feel into your room. The lamp table's versatility means that it can not only be used as a bedside cabinet but works well in a multitude of roles. Try using it as a side table to section off your bedroom and define your space more, or use it as a plant stand to increase the natural energy in your room. No matter how you put your Islington lamp table to use, the timeless appeal of oak contrasted with the contemporary steel combines to make a sleek modern design with bags of character and charm.

Discover the full collection of the Islington Collection and see how you can elevate your living space with stylish and modern solid oak furniture. Or check out our journal for more interior inspiration and information. 

We would love to know what you think of our new Islington Collection, what pieces would you pick and how would you style them? Let us know in the comments below or on Instagram

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