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February 20, 2024 4 min read

Step into a home, and the hallway is your first impression—a reflection of the home's character.

Making the right impression matters - hallway console tables are the key to transforming a space into a welcoming, functional, and stylish entryway. 

Styling a console table has never been easier with our handy guide. Carry on reading to find out how.

1. Minimalistic

minimal console table

In the search for a hallway that whispers elegance with every step, consider the charm of reclaimed wood.  

Reclaimed console tables crafted from such materials aren't just a piece of furniture; it's a story, a testament to the beauty of natural imperfections and sustainable living. 

When styling, think minimalism — opt for a few key accessories that echo your commitment to the environment. Neutral colours and simple lines are your best friends here, creating a timeless look that transcends seasonal trends.

Now, let's talk about functional simplicity. A sleek console table, replete with smart storage or shelves, crafted from eco-conscious materials, can transform your space. 

It's about celebrating the philosophy of 'less is more'. Adorn this minimalist marvel with eco-friendly decor—think recycled glass or metal accents for a sophisticated touch. 

And what's a space without a breath of fresh air? Potted plants or succulents, nestled in eco-friendly vases or planters, are the perfect nod to nature, enhancing the minimalist vibe without overwhelming your welcoming nook.

2. Gallery Inspired

gallery inspired console table

When considering console table styling perhaps use it as an opportunity to create a personalised gallery space, showcasing a mix of artwork or photographs in reclaimed wood frames. It's not just about displaying items; it's about telling your unique story.

Eclectic Art Display

Embrace diversity in your art pieces. Mix in sustainable sculptures or crafts to inject a sense of uniqueness and character. It's all about creating a space that reflects you and your style.

Keep things fresh and engaging by rotating your displayed items. This approach keeps your gallery-inspired look dynamic, offering a new conversation starter with every change.

Floating Shelves Ensemble

Elevate your art display by installing floating shelves around your console table. This not only adds extra space for showcasing your treasures but also creates an immersive gallery feel.

Consistency is key; opt for reclaimed wood for both the console and shelves to unify your space. This cohesive approach weaves a visual story that's both engaging and environmentally conscious.

Illuminate your display with energy-efficient LED spotlights. This not only highlights your favourite pieces but also adds a dramatic flair to your gallery, making every art piece a focal point.

Curated Colour Palette

A cohesive colour palette is essential for that gallery-like atmosphere. Choose a scheme that complements both your console table and the art displayed, ensuring a visually harmonious space.

Select sustainable art pieces that fit within your chosen colour scheme, enhancing the curated feel of your display. It's about creating a space that's not just beautiful but also intentional and thoughtful.

Don't shy away from experimenting with framing styles. Incorporating frames made from reclaimed materials not only adds to the aesthetic but also aligns with a commitment to sustainability, rounding off your design philosophy beautifully.

3. Mirror Orientated

mirror on console table

Elevate your hallway by combining the rustic charm of reclaimed wood with the elegant appeal of mirrored surfaces when thinking about how to style a console table. 

This mix not only enhances the spaciousness of the area but also infuses it with warmth and character, reflecting natural light beautifully when placed near windows. 

The synergy of reclaimed wood and mirrored elements creates a sustainable yet chic entryway that welcomes light and space into your home, setting a sophisticated tone from the moment you step inside.

Accentuate this elegant setup with reclaimed wood frame mirrors, experimenting with various shapes and sizes for an asymmetrically artistic display. 

Incorporate energy-efficient LED strip lights to softly illuminate the space, adding depth and texture with eco-friendly lighting fixtures and natural decor like potted plants and reclaimed wood candle holders. 

This thoughtful arrangement not only maximises the reflective and warm qualities of the mirrors and wood but also showcases a commitment to environmental consciousness, marrying style with sustainability in your home's design.

4. Industrial Chic

industrial console table

Fancy a touch of industrial chic in your hallway? Opt for an industrial-style console table that masterfully blends metal and reclaimed wood. 

This fusion not only brings an edgy look to your space but also celebrates the raw, untouched beauty of materials. 

Think reclaimed wood with all its knots and weathered textures, paired with metal accents like hairpin legs or recycled drawer pulls, to nail that industrial vibe.

And for those who dare to push the boundaries, why not choose a console that flaunts exposed pipes or cables? Secure it with reclaimed metal brackets for that extra industrial edge. 

Underneath, recycled metal bins or crates can offer sustainable storage solutions, keeping with the theme. 

Top off your console with vintage industrial decor—think gears, pulleys, or Edison-style LED bulbs in recycled glass shades—to fully embrace the industrial-chic ambience, all while sticking to your green principles.

5. Rustic Storage

rustic console table

Transform your hallway with a touch of rustic charm using a barn door-style console table. 

These tables not only add character but also offer practical storage. Opt for reclaimed wood with weathered finishes to celebrate the natural beauty of aged materials, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Maximise storage with floating shelves or reclaimed wood crates above the console. Arrange rustic storage bins made from recycled materials on the table for a cohesive and organised look. Balance open and closed storage solutions to marry functionality with rustic design.

Add texture with rustic textiles like burlap or hemp as decorative elements or storage solutions. 

Sustainable woven baskets keep small items organised, while eco-friendly throws or pillows made from organic or recycled materials enhance the cosy atmosphere. 

At Hemming & Wills, the possibilities for a sustainable furniture range are endless. Discover our wide range of eco-friendly options today and transform your space while preserving the planet! Visit our website to explore more sustainable choices.

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