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February 27, 2024 4 min read

Mango wood furniture is currently seeing popularity that shows no signs of slowing down. 

Esteemed for its sustainability, durability, and the warm, rich tones it brings to any space, mango wood is a choice that marries style with conscience. 

Whether you're decking out your home, kitting out a rental, enhancing your commercial space, or advising clients on their next design venture, there's a piece of themango wood kitchen furniture range from Hemming & Wills waiting to capture your attention. 

Keep reading to uncover the top picks of furniture made from mango wood pieces that we at Hemming & Wills have to offer.

1. Mango Wood TV Unit

mango wood tv unit

Our Maddison Collection'smango wood TV unit, crafted from premium mango wood and accented with Travertine stone, combines elegance with functionality. 

Its contemporary design and generous storage can enhance any entertainment space. This collection offers a range of durable, stylish furniture that adds warmth and variety with natural beauty. 

Each piece, unique due to the natural wood, ensures authenticity and charm. It’s size makes it practical for everyday use.

Dimensions: H 60cm x L 130cm x W 40cm

2. Mango Wood Lamp Table

mango wood lamp table

Our Maddison Collection'smango wood lamp table combines craftsmanship and natural elegance, featuring unique grain patterns and warm hues for a cosy ambience. 

Its durable, compact design fits any space, enhancing interiors with timeless charm. Remember, due to variances in each piece of wood, some characteristics make each lamp distinct.

Dimensions: H 50cm x L 45cm x W 40cm

3. Mango Wood Coffee Table

mango wood coffee table

Elevate your living space with our Maddison Collection'smango wood coffee table, blending durability with natural charm. 

Its smooth surface showcases inviting grains, perfect for decorative displays, while sturdy construction promises lasting use. 

A piece that brings warmth and style, it's ideal for any home or commercial setting. 

Dimensions: H 40cm x L 110cm x W 55cm

4. Mango Wood Console Table

mango wood console table

Discover the sleek, minimalistmango wood console table from our collection, offering contemporary style and practicality. 

Crafted for durability and aesthetic appeal, it features chunky wooden legs for stability. Its compact design adds versatility and style to any space, perfect for various commercial or domestic settings.

Dimensions: H 75cm x L 120cm x W 45cm

5. Mango Wood Highboard

mango wood highboard

Enhance your dining or living space with themango wood highboard, a blend of functionality and elegance. 

Expertly crafted for ample storage, its sturdy legs ensure stability, while the smooth finish makes it an ideal display table. Its compact design means it will suit any room.

Dimensions: H 90cm x L 85cm x W 43cm

6. Mango Wood Sideboard

mango wood sideboard

Themango wood sideboardmarries charm with practicality, featuring a rich grain pattern and unique Travertine stone that captivates the eye. 

Its intricate panelled detailing adds depth, making it a standout piece. Perfect for adding natural allure to any space.

This sideboard offers functionality with an interior layout that includes a single shelf. This clever addition provides ample storage for trinkets, paperwork and more.

Dimensions: H 76cm x L 150cm x W 45cm

7. Mango Wood 220cm Dining Table

mango wood 220cm dining table

The 220cmmango wood large dining table epitomises natural minimalism with its high-quality craftsmanship and smooth finish. 

Boasting two sturdy legs for enhanced durability, it offers a sophisticated simplicity to elevate your dining experience. It makes for a perfect mango wood dining furniture centrepiece for hosting dinner parties.

Dimensions: H 76cm x L 220cm x W 100cm

8. Mango Wood 175cm Dining Table

mango wood 175cm dining table

Our 175cmmango wood small dining tablebrings a natural, minimalist charm to any dining area. 

With a smooth finish and robust legs ensuring stability, it's designed to enhance the dining experience for you and your guests. Compact yet spacious means it is ideal for intimate gatherings.

Dimensions: H 76cm x L 175cm x W 90cm

9. Mango Wood Wine Bottle Display Rack

mango wood wine bottle display rack

Embrace the quirky and rustic with our stunningmango wood wine rack, a bold statement piece perfect for classic or industrial chic kitchens and dining rooms. 

Crafted from rustic mango wood and brushed gunmetal, this freestanding rack holds up to 16 bottles, combining style with functionality. Its natural wooden characteristics ensure each piece is authentically unique, adding character to your space; it's a stylish upgrade for any room.

Dimensions: W 25cm x H 150cm x D 6cm

10. Mango Wood Sliding Door Drinks Cabinet

mango wood sliding door drinks cabinet

Ourmango wood drinks cabinet makes an ideal addition to classic or industrial chic spaces. Crafted with rustic mango wood and brushed gunmetal, it features a sleek sliding door and a handy wine rack, marrying practicality with style. 

Perfect for elevating your kitchen or dining room, its natural wood ensures each cabinet is genuinely unique; this drinks cabinet will be a conversation starter. 

Dimensions: W 85cm x H 98cm x D 41cm

For those looking to enhance their home with sustainable and stylish options, our range of mango wood furniture offers just that. From desks perfect for small bedrooms to elegant statement pieces, our collection embodies quality and eco-conscious craftsmanship.

To see the full variety and make a meaningful addition to your space, we encourage you tobuy mango wood furniture and discover even more sustainable elegance for your home by exploring ourSmithfield Collection at Hemming & Wills.

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