Journal 17 | Support For Humanitarian Causes

March 17, 2022

Journal 17 | Support For Humanitarian Causes

As a business, from the very outset we've always been about trying to give back and supporting important causes as part of our partnership with 1% for the Planet. 

I want to share a little more information about some very important charities we're supporting to help highlight and spread the word about the great work they are doing helping people across the world affected by horrific humanitarian crises, including most recently and very sadly in Ukraine.


Working with 1% for the Planet, we have selected 3 humanitarian focused charities who are fully vetted and are actively supporting a wide range of humanitarian, refugee and minority causes across the world including those affected by the Syrian war, in Afghanistan and in Ukraine extending to children and LBGTQIA+ communities impacted by such conflicts. This just scrapes the surface of the amazing support and services provided globally.

These charities are Choose Love, Save the Children and World Central Kitchen.

Here's a little more info.

Choose Love

Choose Love has raised millions to support refugees and created a movement of people putting love into action around the world.

In just five years, they have reached one million refugees and raised tens of millions for nearly 150 organisations providing vital support at every stage along migration routes from Europe to the Middle East and along the US-Mexico border.

In Ukraine, they are supporting projects that are providing vital aid and services to those still in and fleeing the country, including emergency medical care, food, shelter, clothes, legal support, support for the LGBTQIA+ community, and mental health support.

Find out more information about Choose Love here.

Save the Children

Save the Children is a UK charity for children that works in over 100 countries to make sure children are fed, learning and treated fairly, and they have helped 45 million children across the world get the medicine, good food and education they need.

Find out more information about Save the Children here

World Central Kitchen

WCK responds to natural disasters, man-made crises, and humanitarian emergencies around the world. They are a team of food first responders, mobilizing with the urgency of now to get meals to the people who need them most.

Find out more about World Central Kitchen here.

Supporting humanitarian causes is a different take on our support for 1% for the Planet, remembering that we as humans are a key part of the planet and where there is suffering and tragedy, we're trying to do our bit to support those impacted.

Best wishes,

Chris @ H&W

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