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January 23, 2024 5 min read

The industrial interior design trend is here to stay, but how do you achieve it within your home?

Discover the elements to bring into your space, fromreclaimed living furniture to office desks to successfully nod towards the industrial era.

What is Industrial Interior Design?

Looking at the heritage of the Industrial Revolution, contemporary designers found inspiration in the repurposed factories of the 1800s and 1900s. 

These factories, characterised by sturdy constructions of brick, concrete, steel, and iron, have given birth to a distinct design aesthetic that seamlessly blends the old with the new. Think distressed furniture and natural wooden floors, providing a warm contrast to the rugged industrial backdrop. 

This trend is easy to incorporate into any space, making it a highly sought-after design choice. 

The key lies in celebrating the raw and unfinished look, with exposed elements taking centre stage, turning what was once considered imperfections into distinctive features. 

The ethos of this industrial-inspired design is rooted in minimalism, where the emphasis is on practical pieces that serve a purpose rather than mere decoration. Industrial products are ingeniously transformed into functional elements, ensuring a seamless fusion of form and function. 

The overall ambience is relaxed, chic, and casual, offering a perfect blend of historic charm and modern sensibility.

Industrial Design Elements

At the core of industrial design lies a raw, utilitarian aesthetic that reveres the intrinsic beauty of materials such as exposed brick and steel, giving spaces an edgy charm. 

The hallmark of industrial interiors is open spaces and high ceilings, echoing the vastness of warehouses, cultivating an airy and expansive ambience. 

Metallic elements, especially iron and steel, are prominent, and machinery accents are strategically incorporated to instil a sense of functionality and rugged machinery within the design. 

In line with the industrial ethos, set aside plush materials in favour of hardwearing alternatives, emphasising durability and functionality. 

The colour palette of an industrially designed space is restrained and neutral, with shades of greys, blacks, browns, and whites dominating the scene, creating a masculine yet refined contrast with cleaner lines.

Types of Industrial Furniture

Now that you know the basics of industrial design, incorporating it into your home is straightforward. 

Continue reading to discover the type of furniture to infuse within your industrial-inspired space.

Industrial Dining Tables

industrial dining tables

When giving a dining area industrial vibes, a thick, dark wood table is essential to embody warmth and durability.

Areclaimed wooden dining table is preferable, showcasing exposed knots, grains, and imperfections that render the piece uniquely charming. 

Reclaimed tables are hardwearing, making them ideal for families seeking both style and practicality. 

Incorporating reclaimed wood injects a welcoming and inviting ambience that counteracts the cold and utilitarian stereotype often associated with this design. 

At Hemming & Wills, we offer a sleek black powder coating option that can be added to our bespoke dining tables (on their frames, legs, etc), which is ideal since, as mentioned, black is a quintessential colour in industrial aesthetics. 

Furthermore, many of these tables boast high-quality British steel, further enhancing their compatibility with the rugged yet refined elements that define industrial design.

Industrial Sideboards

industrial sideboards

Sideboards are versatile, eye-catching pieces and work well within industrially designed spaces. 

The weathered look ofindustrial design sideboards adds a rustic charm, enhancing the overall character of a room. Beyond their visual appeal, sideboards provide ample storage, making them a practical addition to any home. 

Particularly well-suited for large, open spaces characteristic of industrial-style homes, areclaimed wood wide sideboard can effectively break up the room, acting as both a divider and a grounding element. 

Sideboards are indispensable in creating a curated and organised atmosphere, whether in a living room, dining room, or elsewhere in the home.

Industrial Bedroom Furniture

industrial bedroom furniture

Maintaining a sense of fluidity throughout your living space involves extending the industrial design ethos into the bedroom, creating a harmonious aesthetic. 

The key to success is embracing minimalism, ensuring each element contributes to the overall cohesive design. 

Introduce wardrobes and drawers that align with the industrial style, featuring dark wood with natural finishes and providing ample storage for a functional yet sleek look. 

Hemming & Will'sreclaimed bedroom furniture stands out, with features seamlessly integrating into an industrial-style home. Their pieces showcase a perfect blend of minimalist design and practicality, contributing to the overall coherence of the space while infusing the bedroom with rugged elegance.

Industrial Living Room Furniture

industrial living room furniture

Bookcases play a pivotal role in both the organisation and the utilitarian aesthetic of industrial spaces. 

With a blend of metal and reclaimed wood elements,industrial bookcases seamlessly integrate into spaces adorned with raw materials. 

Leveraging vertical space, these bookcases emphasise the room's lofty ceilings, enhancing the open and grand ambience characteristic of industrial design. 

Their compatibility with other reclaimed pieces, such as dining tables and sideboards, further solidifies their place within this design theme. 

Additionally, these bookcases find a natural home within industrial-style offices, a topic we'll explore in more detail in the next section.

Industrial Home Office

industrial home office

As mentioned, crafting a workspace in line with industrial aesthetics involves opting for robust materials like metal and distressed wood. Remember this when decorating and choosing furniture for your office. 

Reflecting the spaciousness of industrial settings, a well-designed industrial-style office prioritises a functional, open layout, fostering flexibility and collaboration. 

Industrial elements' raw and utilitarian aesthetics can catalyse creativity, offering a visually stimulating and unconventional atmosphere. 

Exposed materials and structural elements create a unique backdrop that inspires fresh perspectives and innovative thinking. 

Moreover, emphasising functionality and minimalism in industrial design minimise distractions, cultivating a clutter-free environment that supports focus and concentration on tasks. 

Large industrial-style desks ensure durability and contribute to a visually appealing office environment. Anindustrial-style home office desk with drawers will help keep the space clutter-free.

Hemming & Will'shome office desks epitomise these principles, integrating unique features that enhance both functionality and style, making them a perfect fit for industrial-inspired workspaces.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial home accessories play a crucial role in perfecting the traditional factory/warehouse look; when it comes to lighting, industrial-style fixtures are essential to achieving authenticity. 

Pendant lights with metal shades or exposed bulbs are exemplary choices, effortlessly enhancing the aesthetic over kitchen islands and dining tables or as statement pieces in various rooms. 

Industrial wall sconces, featuring sleek designs or metal finishes, serve as versatile additions, providing both ambient and task lighting in hallways, bedrooms, or living spaces. 

To achieve a vintage industrial look, opt for fixtures showcasing Edison bulbs or exposed wiring, suitable for chandeliers, table lamps, or floor lamps, effectively infusing the industrial aesthetic throughout the home.  

When choosing floor lamps, go for those with metal accents or industrial-inspired designs that seamlessly complement the overall theme. Adjustable floor lamps boasting a metal finish add functionality to the ambience, offering focused lighting for reading or specific tasks.

After reading this blog, you should be able to transform your home into a traditional warehouse-inspired space with our industrial home decor ideas.

Remember, reclaimed furniture will bring eco-friendly elegance, adding warmth and rustic charm to your industrial-style home. Explore ourWilliamsburg industrial furniture collection to discover more pieces that exude industrial charm while offering practicality.

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