Artemis Hand-Crafted Pendant Light by Moom - Metal Finishes

Artemis Hand-Crafted Pendant Light by Moom - Metal Finishes


Hand-crafted, design-led traditional pendant style light finished in a range of contemporary colours or industrial finishes complemented by a specially paired hanging chains and coloured braided fabric cables.

Its story

Exclusive to Hemming & Wills, the hand-crafted Artemis collection has more of a traditional look. It's available in three metal finishes; brass, copper and aluminium which can either be left to tarnish naturally for a true industrial look or can be lacquered to maintain a newer look. See The Finishes tab for further information. They are hung using a matching chain and are wired using a braided fabric cable, chosen to complement the colour of each shade. The Artemis is also available in a range of classic, traditional colours such as racing green for more contemporary finish.

Specially paired LED bulbs suited to each light in the Moom range are also available - the latest generation of LEDs create both a warm light together with being long lasting for better environmental credentials.

The Artemis lends itself to both a modern, contemporary style as well as an industrial look. Its colours and finishes make it well suited to many living spaces, cafes, bars and restaurants.

It also complements our Reclaimed Dining Table and Eames Style Chair ranges perfectly.

Who are Moom?

Based on the sunny South Coast of England, Moom are experts in the craft of metal spinning. It takes years to acquire the skill and experience of this trade and the lovely guys behind behind Moom have over 50 years of it!

They take disused moulds (known as 'chucks' in the metal spining trade), which in a former life were used to make airplane nose-cones, gas cylinders or musical instruments, and breathe new life into them to make their great range of pendant lights.

It's this reuse and recycle ethos paired with Moom's design led approach to creating stunning contemporary and industrial style lights, that fits so well with our style and values here at Hemming & Wills.

The Finishes

All the lights in the Moom range are hand crafted with love, skill and care. As they are a hand crafted product, each light will be unique with its own character and charm and the finish may vary between lights and the images displayed on our website, particularly for the raw/lacquered metal finishes. If you prefer a coloured finish, we always make sure colours are consistent and uniform across multiple items.

This is all part of the story of hand crafted products using real, genuine and sustainable materials and you'll know you have a truely unique, individual light like no other.

Lacquered vs. Raw

We offer two options with the copper, brass and aluminium finishes; they can either be lacquered or left raw to tarnish naturally.

Lacquering the metal keeps it looking new and it will not tarnish over time, however leaving the metal without a lacquer allows it to darken naturally as it oxidises in the air.

Unlacqered copper tends to tarnish more in a shorter space of time than brass or aluminium does. You can expect it to go from almost a rose-gold colour to a light brown within weeks/ months and to a dark brown within a year or two. Left long enough, copper will eventually turn a shade of green which is known as a patina.

This handy chart helps show the aging process for copper:

Unlacquered brass also gets darker over time but it will take longer and will not be quite as obvious as copper.

Unlacquered aluminium will lose its shine and dullen but again this will be gradual and not as obvious as copper.

In order to bring unlacquered lights back to their original finish, we suggest using a suitable copper, brass or aluminium cleaner/polish. If you need any further information, please just let us know.


Our rust finish lights are naturally unlacquered and will age further, getting rustier over time. The rust finish is a full rust appearance which will vary from light to light as they are all hand finished, so the appearance will differ from website pictures.

The finer details


  • W 31 cm X H 31.1 cm


  • Steel


  • 1.3kg


  • Raw (left to tarnish) or lacquered for the metal finishes. Powder coated if painted


  • Fitting of bracket/ ceiling rose and wiring required. Must be carried out by a qualified professional

Lightbulb Fitting

  • Bayonet cap B22 earthed lamp holder

Compatible bulb

Max Wattage

  • 5W (40W)

Cleaning and Aftercare Instructions

  • If coloured or lacquered, just use a lint free cloth to remove dust and lightly polish.
  • In order to bring unlacquered lights back to their original finish, we suggest using a suitable copper, brass or aluminium cleaner/polish. For light polishing/dusting, just use a lint free cloth. If you need any further information, please just let us know.


As each light is handcrafted to order, delivery can take 3-4 weeks. But it'll be worth the wait! If you need your order quicker or want an order delivered internationally, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

We'll contact you as soon as your order is ready to be dispatched to provide more delivery information.

Traditional Charm

The Artemis brings traditional design and colours, such as British Racing Green, together to create a light that can be finished in both classic colours or natural finishes making it ideally suited to both classic, contemporary or industrial spaces.

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